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Blast From The Past

A stylish movie by Istvan Madarasz featuring some of the inventions by Hungarian scientists, commissioned by the Budapest Business Region for a real estate exhibition in Munich. The mission was to create a movie that would be humble, but it would also stand out, draw attention and convey a positive message in an easy but classy way.

“We wanted to introduce Budapest as a city that is more than a mass of buildings. We wanted to look behind the buildings and show the intellectual power and invention potential that we have” – said Istvan Madarasz, multiple award-winner director of the Get Engaged! movie.

The film maker was also surprised by the success and stated that the team received a lot of positive feedback from all around the world. Isvtan Madarasz and the film crew plan to create another movie featuring many more of the Hungarian inventions and they would like to show not only the capital city, but other regions of Hungary, too.

I’m definitely excited to see more from him!


Any thoughts you would like to share?

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