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Matyodesign – Back To The Future

The beautiful flower embroidery of the Matyo folk is a living traditional art form in the ‘Matyo villages’ such as Mezokovesd, Tard and Szentistvan in the Northern part of Hungary – close to Eger.  This very Matyo design sees a never seen revival nowadays, whereby trendsetters and fashionistas can be spotted worldwide wearing blouses decorated with the typical Matyo-embroidery or some of its alterations. Matyodesign is the brainchild of the Vaczi sisters, Borbala and Rozi, who broke with the souvenir-image of this folk art and successfully applied Matyo embroidery technique on everyday accessories and clothing.

The founders of the brand, Borbala and Rozi, spent their summer vacations in their childhood in one of the Matyo villages, Tard, where their grandparents lived. This region is considered very traditional, where the embroidery techniques and the secrets of this special craft are passed down from generations to generations. The original embroidery itself is very bold and colorful. The rose and a folk art bird are considered the iconic Matyo designs.

The Vaczi sisters have taken these wonderful Matyo designs and applied them on T-shirts, baseball caps, beauty-cases, jackets, Converse shoes and the list just goes on – for men, women and even for children. As the story goes, Rozi’s husband, a famous Hungarian actor, once wore a T-shirt decorated with Matyodesign‘s embroidery, when he gave an interview. And since then demand for this traditional Hungarian design on everyday clothing has been growing tremendously.

The core of the Matyodesign brand is twofold and that is what it makes it so special: first of all, the Vaczi sisters have brought this traditional design back to the ‘streets’ and so they made it appealing for the young generations who are happy to reconnect with their folk art roots in a modern way. On the other hand, every embroidery – be it  on a T-shirt, baseball cap, etc. – is 100% made by hand by the elderly, experienced craftswomen, who learnt their craft from previous generations in Tard. Tard now serves as the creative hub for Matyodesign. It is also a very nice story how the young and older generations work together successfully – by respecting tradition and craftsmanship as well as being creative and innovative.

In Hungary Matyodesign is already very successful. Inspired by the tremendous national echo and demand, the Vaczi sisters started to conquer the international markets, as well. Their ultimate vision is to establish Matyodesign as an internationally known brand

Matyodesign also accepts special orders: ‘Just imagine the most beautiful pattern – in your favorite colors – on your all-time favorite clothes – and we’ll design it for you.’ Now – this is true luxury.

To find out more about their story and to see their collections, please visit

Photos: courtesy of Matyodesign.


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