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Cult Milk Bar – Reloaded!

OK – I admit, this is something totally Hungarian and most people will probably not understand it. But it’s so worth to write about: the so-called ‘Milk bar’ (in Hungarian: Tejivo). Back in the (communist) days there used to be a lot of these milk bar places, where thirsty fellow citizens were able to still their thirst with milk, hot chocolate, milk coffee, milkshakes and so on. But these milk bars were super simple and did not classify as traditional cafés – at all. Actually they were established as a counter measure to the pubs, so that people had another, healthier alternative to drinking beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages. I even remember one or two milk bars. They also offered fresh rolls and bread.

As the years passed by and the country started to open towards Western products, it was of course much cooler to pop in to a McDonalds or other places. The milk bars eventually ran out of business and had to close down their shops.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel and the light is very bright: milk bars are coming back again! Cserpes Tejivo just opened a shop in May 2012 at the Deak-ter (next to McDonald’s – how ironic…) and due to the high demand another one is opening at the end of October at the Corvin-köz – both in Budapest. The new milk bar at the Deak-ter has already reached cult status within the few months it first opened its doors. Cserpes Tejivo offers high quality, locally made fresh products without preservatives. Obviously, there are some  ingredients that cannot grow in Hungary, e.g. bananas, etc. but whatever is available locally in excellent quality, it will be sourced from local suppliers. Not only milk and dairy products wait for the thirsty and hungry guests but also fine sandwiches, cakes, etc. – made with love and based on home-made recipes. And guess what, people seem to love the concept and the business had an excellent start. Next time I’m in Budapest, I’ll definitely drop by.

For more information please visit:

Images: courtesy of Cserpes Tejivo.

This is a very old advertisement. The text is pretty much just one sentence: “you cannot get tired of it”… (milk that is …)


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