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Cheers! – to the Gere Winery

The Hungarian Success Stories series would not be complete without the excellent wineries . . . The first one I’d like to introduce is the Winery in Villany (Southern Hungary) owned by the Gere family. To fully understand their story and history, we’ll have to go back several generations. The great-grandmother of Attila Gere used to live in Villany and her husband was the local cooper. Based on their family tree all seven generations before Attila Gere’s great-grandparents were active in the wine business. This tradition sadly ended with Attila Gere’s grandparents. After the 2nd world war local farms were ruined, inhabitants were deported, hence family traditions could not be passed on to the next generations. Attila Gere himself chose the forest ranger profession. Around 1978 his father-in-law introduced him to wines and to the secrets of the wine metier during some wine tastings. Attila’s father-in-law used to produce his wine based on traditional formulas and methods. It was then when Attila Gere realized that there is a huge opportunity in cultivating wine in the Villany region. And the rest is history. Nowadays Attila Gere’s daughter and son have already very important roles in the family business. Their mission is to revive the wine making craft within their family and that know-how and methods could be passed down to the next generations.

Today the Gere family owns about 50 hectare of grape-plantation in the Villany region. The climatic conditions are excellent with a lot of thermal water sources. Also the temperature of the soil is warmer than in other regions. One of their USPs is definitely that from the beginnings they only applied the so-called ‘integrated plant protection’, meaning that only natural resources are used to protect the grapes and the plantation. The Gere family is a certified bio and organic wine producer. They produce mostly the following grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Medoc Noir and Blue Frankish. Wines from Attila Gere’s winery are not only famous in Hungary, but there is a growing interest from foreign countries as well.

Beside the winery the family also runs the gourmet restaurant ‘Mandula’ (in English: ‘Almond’) that was recently awarded with 13 Gault Milleau points. In the ‘Mandula’ restaurant Chefs create and cook menus that go well with their wine offering and not the other way around . . . Clever!

And those respectful guests who don’t drink & drive, can rest peacefully at night in one of the 25 tastefully appointed rooms of their 4* hotel. (By the way this is the only 4* hotel of the region.) And the next day for even more relaxation, you can visit the winespa (!) and enjoy some treatments based on vinotherapy – so that in the evening you can taste the great wines even better . . . :)

For more information please visit:

Source of images: courtesy of Attila Gere Vinery.


3 thoughts on “Cheers! – to the Gere Winery

  1. I had the pleasure to share Attila 2007 and I was stunned by the incredible depth, length and complexity this wine shows. Outstanding extract, yet elegant and noble. A big wine that can sit next to any Super Tuscan and other Top Bordeaux Blend from the New World. To me, this wine shows the handshake of Old World and New World. It is just something of its own and I sure want to meet the great Attila man behind it.

    • Dear Ralph, thank you so much for your kind and warm words. We all appreciate this type of feedback. I’m very happy that you liked his wine so much. Attila Gere is such an approachable person, I’m sure you’ll get the chance to meet him personally. Now that they are expanding their own wine spa ‘Crocus’ that should be opened next year, one can experience so many things at this property. Wish you a fantastic day. Kind regards, Monika.

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