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Vanessa Axente – On ‘The Hot List’ of Promising Newcomers

Vanessa Axente is the hottest Hungarian newcomer in the model business. She is currently listed on ‘The Hot List’ of The Hot List includes all the most important newcomers, who conquered the runways, are most in-demand, made editorials in the top-tier magazines, are booked by the most prestigious designers and luxury brands, and achieved all this within a season or two. So Vanessa is definitely to watch out for.

Vanessa was born November 19, 1995 in Nagylengyel, Hungary and grew up in Zalaegerszeg (West-Hungary). Her older sister, Bernadetta, was scouted on a Hungarian social network site and started modeling. Vanessa liked her sister’s trade and wanted to model, as well. Until then she hadn’t even looked at fashion magazines . . . (how sweet . . . ). Vanessa modeled extensively in Hungary, Singapore and Japan before making her worldwide debut. But since then she is definitely making a buzz. She opened the Prada F/W 2012 show, runs for Calvin Klein, Proenza Shouler, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, etc. However given her very young age, Vanessa isn’t neglecting her high school studies either and copes with her school commitments, too.

I think she really has a classical, beautiful face, but can appear a bit boyish as well and that makes her very versatile. I’m excited to see more from her.

For more information please visit Vanessa’s Facebook fan page.

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