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For the Senses: Culinary Experience Event

Following dining concept and its implementation is a true jewel. The best way to describe it would be: a ‘stylish multi-brand pop-up dining concept in a familiar, friendly atmosphere’. Several high-quality restaurants and their chefs from different parts of Hungary organize a gourmet culinary event at one of the participating restaurants for one day starting around noon. Guests are invited to a ‘gourmet journey’ in a stylish and relaxed setting. This concept allows restaurants to introduce themselves to a wider audience and guests can enjoy a high quality culinary experience offered by restaurant chefs located far away from guests’ residence.

The event is officially called: “Stilusos Videki Ettermiseg”, which is extremely difficult to translate into English, but the my best guess would be this: Stylish Intellectual Gastronomy in the Countryside. It all started February 2012, when about 8 leading restaurants – each of them with a home base at different locations of Hungary – organized the first event on Szentendre island in the Rosinante hotel. Their mission is to offer gourmet travelers new or not so well-known culinary destinations and to promote local Hungarian exceptionally guest-friendly manufactory dining locations. Beside the food tasting experience, there is also a 20-25 minute cooking show. The event organizers thought that for the future of the Hungarian gastronomy it is absolutely crucial to support the local culinary craftsmanship and their manufactories.

The first event on Szentendre island was such a huge success that in the next event, which took place end of September 2012 in the garden of Walter Restaurant in Perbal, already ten restaurants participated. And this time locally produced high quality ingredients and food were also available for guests to purchase and take home.

This concept is an absolute win-win situation for everybody: gourmet chefs have the opportunity to showcase their culinary and presentation skills, and can interact with their guests almost on a one-to-one basis. Local herb, vegetable, fruit, meat, wine, etc. suppliers can present their products in an appealing setting to the right target group. On the other hand for interested gourmet travelers and other interested guests it is a one-day trip to leave the stressful daily life behind and deep-dive into the world of culinary senses. And all this on a smaller scale so that everyone feels like being part of the family.

Following the participating restaurants:

As I heard the third event will take place around or before Christmas. Venue is still top-secret. The best way to stay informed is to regularly check the website for more information or visit the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of ‘Stilusos Videki Ettermiseg‘. Photos by Zsolt Molnar.

The following short movie (by Miklos Terei (E-motion produkcio) provides some insights into the event that took place end of September 2012. Movie is in Hungarian but the images speak for themselves . . . Enjoy!


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