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Folqa Collection – Authentic Gift Brand

Today I have something totally cute to introduce you to. I had a huge smile on my face when I came across the Folqa Collection.

Folqa Collection® is Heni Juhasz-Vaczi’s brainchild, a former marketing manager currently on maternity leave. Heni founded her company, Souvenir Brands Ltd. end of 2011 with the mission to offer a quality option to rather low-end souvenirs usually available for visitors. She envisioned a collection of gift items that Hungarians would and could recommend to any visitor, or as her slogan says: „Folqa Collection – souvenirs that Hungarians can be proud of.”

Her collection represents Hungarian traditions in contemporary design, with a humorous twist – as every product has a cute story to tell. Each member of the Folqa collection even comes with its own collector’s card. Current collection consists of lovely ‘Characters’, placemats, coasters and fridge magnets. All can be mixed & matched or even bought in one set.

Personally I think, this is totally something visitors and locals have been waiting for, hence her business had an excellent start. Folqa Collection can be purchased in several exclusive gift shops across Hungary as well as directly in the Folqa online store.

For more information please visit: Folqa homepage or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Folqa.


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