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Lenoushka – Cushion with Passion

Lenoushka, the new Hungarian premium home decor brand, had a fulminant start this year. Founded at beginning of 2012, Lenoushka is a unique fusion of different styles and colors deeply rooted in Hungarian and Russian traditions and is inspired by childhood memories and impressions. The brand is a result of dreams, passion, creativity and personal pleasure in interior design & home decoration.

Lena Lehoczky – a mother of two young children – is the founder and creative head of Lenoushka. Lena was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and grew up in Budapest, Hungary. Her collections reflect a unique mix of typical Central-European motifs reinterpreted to our modern times. Her childhood memories and regular summer visits to her grandparents in St. Petersburg have a great influence on her collections and so does the traditional Hungarian folk art. Lenoushka offers a wide range of home decor products such as cushions, curtains, bedcovers and other decorative ornaments. Lena designs the Lenouska collections and takes care of the prototypes, while two seamstresses support her during production in her personal atelier, in Budapest.

Lena’s first summer collection Vengerka (Russian for ‘Hungarian girl’) has a fresh, playful and cosy touch using typical Hungarian colors and motifs. For her winter collection Disco Vengerka, that will be launched mid October 2012, Lena took inspiration from the stunning, glamourous dresses of Russian actresses and opera singers – as a child she used to love to watch their festive performances during Christmas period.  The new collection uses strong colors and different fabrics such as velvet, feathers, sequin, faux and patent leather. It is glittery, pompous and is topped with Hungarian motifs such as the dove or the tulip.

Although Lenoushka is still a young brand, Lena’s future plans do not stop at the border of Hungary. She plans to establish Lenoushka as a brand and to make her collections available worldwide in premium home decor and design shops. Her designs are available in a couple of stores in Hungary. Lena also takes special orders, provides customization and is available for consulting services.

Did you wonder what Lenoushka actually means? Lena’s family call her Lenoushka. But her brand is far more than a childhood dream coming true, it is also a tribute to her family and as she puts it lovingly: “In remembrance of Babushka i Dedushka” – in remembrance to her grandmother and grandfather.

For more information please visit the Lenoushka website or the Facebook page. Summer and winter collections can be viewed in the Lenoushka catalogues. Online store will be launched during October 2012.

Last but not least this is the cutest video I’ve ever seen about how a cushion is actually made . . . Lovely. My favorite part is between minute 1.00  and 1.30  :) – make sure you switch on the sound.

Source of images: courtesy of Lenoushka.


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