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ThinkInvisible – Attention: It’s Fun and Addictive!

ThinkInvisible: this is a totally fun way to put your brain cells at work and recall some great images and memories. Just play and see, if your memory works better than your friends’ – or if it works at all (sorry, no guarantees . . . )

ThinkInvisible was launched by Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszky in April 2012 – supported by Colabs. Their mission is definitely to test you in a fun way: using a one color block as background, some very well known images are partially shown and you are challenged to figure out who or what they might be.

This is how ThinkInvisible founders sum up their concept: “We make pictures that make you think. Graphics are designed to tease your eyes. We can turn any picture into an optical illusion and at the same time, a simple, yet fun game. If we want to sum it up in one sentence: We are showing you only the most important details, forcing your brain to uncover and complete the rest.”

As with every good thing in life, some of us will get addicted. And the founders know it. So they have come up with two versions to the game: one version for ‘beginners’ providing a little help as the first and last letters are also visible to ease your task. And the ‘pro’ version for those who love the game and can’t get enough of it: these are without help, just colors and partially hidden images – and you are own your own.

I love games and I’m totally sold on this.

ThinkInvisible is available as prints (posters, framed art prints, etc), canvases, tote bags, hoodies and T-shirts at Society6, or as an iOS App in the AppStore (Android, etc. is in the works).

For more information please visit their website or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of ThinkInvisible.

After having seen some of the below iconic pictures at least thousand times in your life, can you tell who is it or what is it called? Let’s play.

So how did you do? OK – here is the solution: 1. Abbey Road, 2. Angry Birds, 3. Batman, 4. Chaplin, 5. Hitchcock, 6. James Bond, 7. Marilyn Monroe, 8. Sherlock Holmes, 9. Winnie Pooh.


Any thoughts you would like to share?

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