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Mixgar – Hotspots Are The New DJs

Sometimes we go to parties, music is great and we all have fun. Sometimes there are great people at an event, but music is ‘solala’ and guests leave early. Music makes or breaks a party – this is no news. Well, there is a solution to eliminate the risk of ‘solala‘ music: it is Mixgar – the new social jukebox.

Mixgar is an App – developed by the Budapest headquartered DigitalNatives – and it lets music loving guests act as their own DJs. How cool is that? All you need are guests with smartphones and wi-fi. And this is how it works: Guests check in to the venue via Facebook. The system checks what music preferences guests have and it creates a playlist based on the collected information. This playlist appears on guests’ smartphones and they can vote what songs should be played. This way guests can actually influence what music they will listen to. However, it’s not only about listening to everyone’s favorite songs, but the system also gives some other options based on common musical denominators. As people arrive and/or leave the venue, playlist will change accordingly.

Mixgar App is free of charge for users and it can be downloaded from the App-Store. Event organizers, bar or coffee shop owners will have to pay a fee though to offer this service or alternatively they can find a sponsor. In Budapest, Mixgar is already present at more than ten venues and is on roadshows at a few festivals sponsored by PEPSI. Mixgar is constantly developing its business and plans to make it available internationally with special focus on Europe and North America. Mixgar has already signed contracts for music licensing in 41 countries including Germany, Austria, France, Spain and the UK.

Mixgar’s slogan is: Let’s democratize music. Well, can it get more social than this? . . . This is simply ingenious.

For more information check out their website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: Mixgar.


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