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Unique Handmade Lamps By Kriszlampa

Light and lamps are just as important in interior design as colors, furniture and other objects & accessories. With light we influence the ambience of a given space and our mood, as well. Kriszlampa – the unique handmade lamps made by Krisztina Buza – adds another dimension to the expression of our feelings and current state of mind.

Krisztina’s stunning lamp designs are made of netted wires and handmade paper. Thin metal wires give a lamp its stable form and structure and handmade paper that covers the wires makes it resistant. Kriszlamps usually have small gaps within the design, where light can escape and so it shads a very interesting and perfectly orchestrated shadow on the surrounding walls and objects. These small gaps in the design are not just spectacular, but they also serve air circulation and so the lamps never get too hot or not even warm.

Krisztina is a paper artist and has been in this design field for about 15 years now. She has successfully developed a unique paper immersion technique that she still applies today. She has been designing unique lamps for a little over 10 years. Her designs decorate private homes and representative offices as well as they can be found in several galleries and at exhibitions. Krisztina takes pride in developing unique designs for customer specific orders, too.

For more information please visit Krisztina’s website.

Source of images: courtesy of Kriszlampa.


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