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Nori Vido – Storytelling Furniture Designs

This time let me start in the middle of everything: I love products that tell a story or have a history. When I came across Nori Vido’s furniture collection it was both – her  creations as well as the stories – that caught my eyes. Most of us like reading or listening to stories. Storytelling is deeply rooted in our lives and people love to be guided into someone’s world. So it is no wonder that best selling products and services connect with their customers on an emotional level and at most of the times there is a story to tell.

Nori Vido is a young Hungarian furniture designer. Actually, she is an architect who likes to design living spaces including everything, even table ware. She is a fun person, full of energy and so is her self-description:

“. . . When I’m not working, I like to create stuff in my kitchen. My favorite things are sunroots, the smell of freshly baked bread, and my home-made limoncello, but for some reason I never liked spoons. Other than that, I love doing somersaults in the sea so much that it always makes my ears hurt, I organize my books on the shelves by period and continent, and I prefer reading cookbooks and polite literature under the red blanket I’ve inherited from my grandfather. I can fall asleep even in the craziest situations, and I have an urge to push all the buttons.”

Nori’s major inspiration source comes from the Bauhaus style. Forms and shapes of her furniture collection are simple and clean, however the stamp of her energetic and fun personality is all so present, too. Vido Nori chairs are handmade and made of high quality wooden and each of them have their own little story. However, I don’t intend to state the obvious – I think the below images speak for themselves: let Nori take you into her world.

It’s also fun to visit Nori’s website. I loved exploring it by clicking here & there, it’s kind of interactive – I guess it is my inner child loving it :).

Alternatively you can also connect with her via her Facebook page to get the latest news on her designs.

Source of images: Nori Vido’s courtesy.

Nori Vido with her Centipede Chair.

Girl Chair.
Story: An aristocratic lady, sitting at the bar, watching his secret lover, a black man, playing on stage in a jazz band.

Boy Chair.
Story: A black man, playing on stage in a jazz band, is watching his secret lover, an aristocratic lady, who is sitting at the bar, waiting.

Twiggy Chair.
Story: A frightened deer is listening to the noises of the forest. Suddenly, she is startled by the sound of a cracking branch.

Centipede Chair.
Story: I was sitting in the shower looking at the water flowing from the shower head. Then I thought of wood. My centipede chair was born.

Nori Vido – with her newest design.


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