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MintaPalinta – It’s Never Too Late To Start Doing What You Love

Valika Szemrak, a former school teacher did not even think of chilling out or taking a break after she retired. No, not at all. MintaPalinta is Valika’s second career and it is her dream coming true by crafting hand-painted fashion jewelry.

The word ‘MintaPalinta’ is a word game of ‘motif’ and ‘swing’, by which the creator refers to the richness of Hungarian folk art traditions. MintaPalinta wooden or porcelain based fashion jewelry is decorated with traditional motives, but it is contemporary at the same time. Mixtures of different colors, shapes and motives transmit a different vibe each time.

During almost 40 years Valika Szemrak gave her utmost to educate children in her school and she loved doing it. She used to have a passion though and it was painting. Valika particularly loved colors and motives and would decorate her kitchen-cabinet and other home accessories. Her two daughters were her biggest fans during all those years. It was their best kept secret until a very special sunny Sunday afternoon almost one year ago, when the three ladies decided to reveal Valika’s designs to the public. And ‘going public’ was definitely the right step.

In this small family-run business everyone does what they love doing most. Valika is obviously the creative head and the craftswoman: she is inspired by  different traditional embroidery motives and translates them to fit our modern times. Her first daugther, Vali, takes care of product photography and everything else that has to do with the brand image of this small business. Zita, the youngest daughter is responsible for communication and customer relations. By the way both daughters have their jobs in those respective fields, too – so they really know their métiers.

MintaPalinta started out as a hobby and it has become a successful small business. Customers love Valika’s fashion jewelry and time will tell, if the family business will have to expand soon to satisfy the ever-growing customer demand.

What a great story! It is so inspiring to see that it is never late to start doing what you really love and be successful. Age does not matter – only one’s will does. Love it.

For more information please visit the website (unfortunately only in Hungarian) or their Facebook page. However, MintaPalinta fashion jewelry is also available on Etsy in English.

Source of images: courtesy of MintaPalinta.


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