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A Treat For Your Taste Buds And For Your Eyes

We live in a virtual world. I wrote this article on a wordpress platform, distributed it via social media and you are probably reading it on your computer, smart phone or tablet pc. You and me share this article and the experience of this site. But none of us have anything in our hands, other than a sophisticated IT product that makes our communication possible. I think this is quite comfortable and I am glad we have these types of options nowadays.

However, there are certain moments in life, when we prefer things the traditional way, e.g. when we decide what we would like to cook. It is nice to flip through a cookbook filled with beautiful images and recipes. It could make the whole cooking experience into an event: put some music on, have a glass of wine, open up a tastefully designed cookbook and start cooking. Life is good.

Four young creatives had the same idea: cooking should not be a chore, it should be an experience. And so they have founded Boook, a publishing company in 2008. Their mission is to publish high quality cookbooks with visually pleasing images and best-of-class content, so that their readers could have private cooking experiences – for years to remember. In order to reach this ambitious goal, Boook cooperates only with the best Hungarian chefs. Since its foundation, the company has been awarded with several prizes for its high quality work. One award they are specifically proud of is the ‘Best Cookbook in Hungary 2010’ by the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Colors and Tastes by Viktor Segal.

Books by Boook are mostly in Hungarian for the time being, but recently they published a stunning cookbook in English: Hungarian Cookbook. It is filled with beautiful imaginary and first-class recipes of traditional Hungarian dishes written by Tamas Bereznay, one of Hungary’s leading chef. Recent edition of Hungarian Cookbook is an enhanced version of ‘Mai Magyar Konyha’ (Contemporary Hungarian Cuisine) by the same author and it is one of Boook’s best-sellers.

What I like most about Boook’s concept is that their books reflect the evolution of Hungarian cuisine while leaving regular cliches and ‘kitsch’ behind. The newest editions such as ‘Deszertorult‘ (Crazy about Dessert) or the ‘Mangalica‘ are also excellent examples of their high quality standards. It is without doubt, recipes written down by Grandma are the best. In case you lost them or you would like to try a different version of traditional Hungarian fish soup (halàszlé) or Hortobagyi pancakes (Hortobàgyi palacsinta), cookbooks by Boook could be a great alternative.

All books by Boook can be purchased online at with worldwide delivery. Unfortunately, the website is in Hungarian, but here you will find the link to ‘Hungarian Cookbook’ at

For more information please visit Boook or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Boook.


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