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Bespoke Customer Service At Your Disposal

Hungarians are well-known for their hospitality and the sheer joy of receiving visitors comes from their hearts. They love to share their traditions, rich culture, culinary skills and much more with their guests. A young family run business has taken this to an entirely different level: let me pleasae introduce to you to Taste Hungary – Carolyn and Gabor Banfalvi’s bespoke service company specializing in culinary and wine tours that show visitors the real Hungarian cuisine and culture surrounding it.

Carolyn, who grew up in Washington DC and moved to Budapest in 1999, is a freelance journalist at renowned international magazines and author of several award winning culinary guides. Gabor, originally from north-western Hungary, explored a few countries after his studies, such as France, Spain, Caribbean and the US. Upon his return to Hungary he realized how underrated Hungarian cuisine was and saw a business potential. Taste Hungary was born.

Carolyn and Gabor found an unexploited niche on the market and wanted to show their guests that there is so much more to Hungarian cuisine than goulash and paprika. Taste Hungary offers customized culinary walking tours (in small groups or private settings) in Budapest, whereby guests can taste a variety of food and wines that also local Hungarians like and enjoy. Every stopover throughout the tour has been personally handpicked by Carolyn and Gabor, who built up a tremendous insider knowledge to satisfy their guests’ highest expectations. But these tours are not only about food and drinks, visitors will also receive complementary information about exciting neighborhoods, history and the Hungarian lifestyle.

Besides culinary walking tours Taste Hungary offers Market & Wine Tour, Danube Sightseeing & Wine Tour, etc., too. Starting December the long awaited Sweet Tour will also be available. However, if you have more time and would like to explore some of the best wineries in Hungary, Taste Hungary has an exclusive selection of wine-cellars and regions, where guests enjoy an introduction to the secrets of Hungarian winemaking by the wine-maker families. All tours offered by Taste Hungary can be fully customized to meet guests’ likes and preferences and to make it an experience to remember for years.

Since its foundation, Taste Hungary has grown quickly. Now the young business is supported by a few well-trained guides, but it was able to find the fine balance between expanding its offering and remaining personal at the same time. Its exceptional service level has been confirmed on numerous occasions. Taste Hungary enjoys an impeccable reputation among travelers, majority of them from North America, who are used to the highest service levels worldwide. Based on the TripAdvisor customer feedback, Taste Hungary is ranked among the Top 3 activities in Budapest.

Taste Hungary truly enjoys providing a world-class customer service to its guests and makes sure that visitors will have unforgettable memories about their visit in Hungary.

For more information please visit the website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Taste Hungary.


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