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Kattuska Makes Children And Grown-Ups Happy.

Lately I have come across so many inspiring women – interestingly mothers of two small children most of the times – who decided not to pursue their former career path, but have decided to focus on making their dreams come true. This usually means founding their own businesses and laying down the foundation for a successful family business. Is this a new trend or do I just happen to spot them by chance? I do not know but these women could definitely be role models for other fellow citizens, too.

Kata Toth, a former product manager at a pharmaceutical company had a successful career path and she enjoyed her job very much. After receiving her two children Kata felt that she could not identify herself 100% with her former job anymore as she was dreaming about a more creative scope of tasks. Kata’s husband has been managing his private furniture design and manufacturing atelier for about 10 years, and slowly but surely her vision to design and manufacture high quality toys, accessories and furniture for children became reality. At the beginning of 2012 Kattuska was born.

Since its foundation Kattuska children furnitures have received excellent feedback from friends & family as well as from children in crèches and kindergartens. Kattuska’s first product was a ‘Castle’ and the second was a ‘Boat’. Both of them are made of high quality natural plywood and children just love playing with them. The Castle is an absolute favorite as children can hide and play in their own dream world without even having to look at grown-ups.

Assembly of Kattuska products is very easy and it does not require any special skills – the castle e.g. can be put together just like a puzzle. When designing new toys, accessories and furniture for children, Kata and her husband take ergonomic and environmental aspects into account. All Kattuska products are tried and tested in kindergartens and are suitable not only for homes but also e.g. for children’s corners at public places. Next product in the Kattuska pipeline is a writing desk that is currently being tested. Moreover, Kattuska takes special orders, designs one-of-a-kind furnitures that are suitable for children and is available for consulting services.

Nowadays, consumers are very conscious and want to know where the product they intend to buy is coming from, how it was manufactured, who made it, etc. Personal touch, sustainable and high quality materials, pleasure & joy during the creative and manufacturing process are real values that consumers appreciate more & more. Kata would like grow her young brand and expand internationally to make even more children happy.

What a lovely story with a good cause.

For more information please visit the website and for latest information their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Kattuska.


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