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Odoo Part II. – Now in Budapest

As you know by now, for some reason I really have a heart for the Odoo project that I wrote about in October 2012. I cannot tell exactly why, it has probably several reasons e.g. its innovative and trendsetting power, Odoo concept & lifestyle, very enthusiastic and motivated students, successful project and last but not least the name ‘Odoo‘ (it’s hard to tell that I love birds, right?… :) ‘odu’ means birdhouse in Hungarian …). Anyways, when I heard that the house will be rebuilt in Budapest I knew instantly, one of these days I am going to visit it. However, little did I know, how soon I can actually see it in person.

During my visit in Budapest a few days ago first thing we did – after landing – was to drop by at the Odoo-House located in the park of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. We were received by our contact person and guide, Orsolya Birtalan, who kindly showed us around. Tastes and preferences are of course different and the house is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but we really liked it. Atmosphere in the house was very pleasant and it was interesting to see the different concepts applied.

As I used to work at Siemens Building Technologies headquarters that happened to be one of the main project sponsors, I exactly knew what energy saving and environmentally friendly building automation technology is available today. But Odoo is a combination of many aspects and trendsetting innovation that makes it a very interesting project. I could compare it to concept cars that are shown at international car shows. Probably nobody would want to have and drive a concept car, however the innovations shown in concept cars are commercialized at later stage and find their ways into our daily lives. So I am absolutely positive that some of the technologies, concepts and aspects developed by the Odoo-team we’ll be part of our daily lives in years from now on.

I cannot emphasize enough that you can have the best sponsors and the greatest ideas, but without a knowledgable, motivated and enthusiastic team, you’ll get nowhere. Team work and team spirit within this project was also one of the major success factors. I have found out that most of the project members are students in their last semesters at the university and are currently looking into different options such as internships or even potentially to find their first jobs. If you, dear Reader, know of anyone who might be looking for knowledgable, motivated and enthusiastic interns or future employees, I can wholeheartedly recommend you to get into touch with members of the Odoo project team.

And again a huge ‘Thank You’ to Orsolya who guided us through the house, answered our never-ending questions and even sneaked us into the library (on a Saturday) to see awards and prizes the team won with its Odoo House :). It was a very nice way to start our short visit in Budapest.

For more information about the project please see their website or for updates their blog. And you can see the Odoo-House live until approx. 2014 in the park of the University.

Photos: courtesy of Odoo-Project. Photographer: Balazs Danyi. Renderings by Mark Szoke.


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