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Pocket Guide For Your Smart Phone

As Christmas is getting closer probably many of you will hop on the train or plane to visit a Christmas market or do some Christmas shopping in another city. But will you get lost on the streets? – as it can get a little gray or dark outside early. Will you be carrying a guide book or even better some self-printed city maps when your hands are already full anyways? Well, there is a much cooler solution to this and it does not even need any planning ahead: it is Pocket Guide that turns your smart phone into a personal tour guide and it even speaks to you.

Pocket Guide, a Hungary based start up company developed a special App that will guide you to the must-see places and beyond by having insider tips when you are in a new city. Well, it does not even have to be a new city – sometimes we do not even know what’s in our neighborhood, although we have been living there for years…

Anyways, Pocket Guide has professionally crafted tours for most major cities around the globe, offering about 10 tours per city and you can pick the one that suits your preferences and schedule best. Tours are narrative and available in many languages. You can take photos and share them immediately with your friends via social media, you can even record your tour and make a 3D video about your visit. Pocket Guide also suggests the best restaurants or cafés, where you can have some rest.

Founder of Pocket Guide, Martin Retai almost got lost with his girlfriend while touring the small streets in Venice. Even though they were able to figure out where they actually were via Google Maps, but there was not any information available about the buildings they passed by. This is how his idea evolved into an actual business concept to offer an easy and fun solution to digital native travelers by combining a digital map with a personal tour guide for those people who don’t like to be stuck with other tourists in a group. This way you can just do the things you like quickly or slowly – at your own pace.

Founded in 2009, Pocket Guide has been growing quickly and was able to secure financial backing by an investor to be able to expand. In order to offer even more customized services, Pocket Guide has teamed up with several tour operators and professional tour guides worldwide to offer its users a top notch service and a unique experience. Pocket Guide is available for iPhone, Nokia and Andriod.

For more information please visit their website or Facebook page. … and make sure to download their App from the App Store latest at the airport or train station so that you definitely will not get lost. :)

Source of images: courtesy of Pocket Guide.


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