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Unique Ambiance With MosaicLights

Today’s featured company has inspired me in two ways: first of all I like the aesthetic and customizable character of the solution very much and on the other hand I like the personal drive and quest for innovation by the company founders. MosaicLights®, a new, innovative Hungarian company has just launched its revolutionary technology in September 2012.

As the name suggests MosaicLights produces glass mosaic lighting elements that can be built in seamlessly with regular mosaic tiles, giving a room, kitchen, bath, swimming pool, spa, etc. a special atmosphere indoors as well as outdoors. Some MosaicLights lighting elements have even a touch-sensor feature and these can be activated and deactivated by a simple touch – be it on a floor or on a wall surface.

This opens up a totally new world for interior designers and architects in terms of creating unique ambiance and atmosphere in a given space. Colors and patterns depend on customers’ likes and preferences and possible solutions are practically endless. Another fascinating feature is its functional option, whereby time and temperature can be shown on a given surface, too – and all this without any visible wires or sockets.

To me it is always very interesting to dig deeper and find out, how an innovator spots a niche in the market. In this case the ultimate idea catalyst was the following: the creator wanted to have an indoor water stream, where certain motives within the surface were lit up and others were not to enhance the surrounding atmosphere. The only answer he received to this question was a ‘No, it is not possible’… Some people accept this type of answer, but innovators don’t – and the basic idea for MosaicLights was born.

Three years ago, MosaicLights was founded by five people with complementary skills in the fields of design, mosaic and lighting technology. The team has developed a worldwide patented solution that was showcased at 100% Design exhibition in London in September 2012 and it was received very well by the industry. Hotels, spas, architects, contractors of luxury residential estates, etc. have shown high interest at the presented solutions.

During development phase, MosaicLights was also able to secure financial backing by an investor and has already delivered its first project to a Hungarian thermal bath complex. MosaicLights lighting elements are 100% designed and made in Hungary.

I do believe that this is a very unique, new and convenient solution due to its completely customizable nature to meet clients’ preferences. Although Mosaic Lights has just presented its offering a short while ago, I think they have a huge potential and their product range will be highly looked for within months.

For more information please visit their website or join the MosaicLights Facebook community for regular updates.

Source of images and short movies: courtesy of MosaicLights.


3 thoughts on “Unique Ambiance With MosaicLights

    • Hello Roberto – thank you for visiting the site and for your interest. I’ve forwarded your request to MosaicLights. They will be in touch with you. Best regards, Monika

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