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Iconic Shoes by Julia Kaldy

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”- Coco Chanel (and by the way it is valid for men, too…)

Julia Kaldy’s conceptual shoes are certainly not the category ‘typical everyday shoes’. Her designs are very unique, refined, sophisticated and yet futuristic: they are definitely eye-catchers. And so is Julia’s young career – it has been like a hurricane.

Julia graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest in 2011 and her thesis collection was immediately picked up by Eleanor Amoroso, who was looking for unique shoe designs to complement her collection for the Fashion Week in London. Julia’s thesis collection ‘Unibody’ was created to visualize, how the silhouette of legs changes when wearing shoes with different heights. The skin-like color of the collection helps the shoes optically merging with the rest of the body.

The next ‘big-bang’ in Julia’s career was when Zola Jesus, American singer-songwriter contacted Julia to order a couple of her designs. Zola had a hard time to find shoes that fit well her style: “I have a really hard time finding shoes that I like. I was looking on the internet to find a few pairs, and I came across Julia Kaldy. I just loved them. I emailed her, and I didn’t realize that she was a conceptual designer, and she doesn’t even really make wearable shoes. But she said she could make them for me! She’s amazing, so I’m really excited.” – Zola Jesus in interview with Julia offered Zola to design a capsule collection just for her to exactly fit her style and it worked out perfectly.

Julia started to build her brand about a year ago and was able to showcase her designs at concept stores worldwide. Julia’s designs are made of the best leather and wooden materials available in Europe, mostly in Italy, Austria and Germany. Her designs are exclusive and can be purchased primarily from the designer herself.

Some of Julia’s designs seem to be heavy, but they are in fact very light and comfortable to wear – even though it might require some practice to be able to walk in them gracefully :). I’m excited to see her next collections and very curious about her future creations.

For more information please visit her website or Julia’s Facebook page.

Source of images and movies: courtesy of Julia Kaldy.


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