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Remote Access Pioneer: LogMeIn

Although LogMeIn’s story goes back a few years, its products and services could not be more relevant and sought after in today’s mobile and digital world. Being constantly online and available certainly has its pros and cons, but in case of LogMeIn pros definitely outweigh the cons as its services make life much easier.

“An early player in cloud and mobile computing, LogMeIn offers solutions for accessing files and applications on the go, remote device management and support, as well as online collaboration.

These solutions range from the top-ranked LogMeIn iPad app, to a simple screen sharing and online meeting app,, used by tens of millions of people to collaborate with colleagues across the hall or across the globe. In addition, the LogMeIn Rescue remote support solution is used by more than 50 mobile operators worldwide to remotely configure and troubleshoot their subscribers’ smartphones and tablets up to thousands of kilometres away.

LogMeIn boasts an active worldwide user base of more than 15 million users, more than 400,000 paying customers, and revenues that have increased by more than 60 percent over the last three years. The company attracts more than three-quarters of a million new users every month. To support this rapid growth, LogMeIn’s headcount has grown by more than 30 percent over the last two years and it now has more than 535 employees located around the world.” [Source:]

Founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2003 by current CEO Michael Simon and current CTO Marton Anka, LogMeIn went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange in July 2009 and it was one of the most successful tech public offerings that year. Marton Anka, a Hungarian IT-guru, “was the original creator and principal architect of RemotelyAnywhere. Marton Anka has been at the forefront of Internet technology since 1995. He created the first high-volume, real-time, secure-transaction platform in Java that was commercially launched in August 1996.” [Source: Business Week]

Marton Anka’s prior work and experience with his RemotelyAnywhere application laid the foundation for today’s LogMeIn. The company is now based in Woburn, MA (USA) and has offices in Budapest, Szeged, London, Sydney, Amsterdam and soon in Dublin, too. With its Hungarian offices in Budapest and Szeged serving as the company’s R&D and product feature development centers, LogMeIn capitalizes on a pool of local, well educated and talented Hungarian IT-experts.

For more information please visit their website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of LogMeIn.


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