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Cybergastro – Not Only For Digital Natives

A couple of weeks ago I have already shared an article about Cybergastro and their innovative reusable pizza boxes, which a lot of you liked. So I happily accepted their invitation and visited them with my boyfriend mid November during my stay in Budapest. We love trying out new things and new concepts, and we enjoyed this Cybergastro concept a lot.

Girls and boys at really live innovation, are true digital natives and are successful in combining virtual world with the real one. If you like shopping online and enjoy fast service, you’ll love this concept, too. is a nicely appointed brick & mortar restaurant with a modern cyber touch. Upon entering guests are warmly welcome by ‘real’ staff and will be walked to a table (OK – nothing new so far…). There are tables with built-in computers and there are regular ones, too. If you choose tables with computers you will be given your personal code or you already have one, if you are member at and can start ordering – just like in an online store.

At first cruise through drinks, then starters, main courses, etc. As soon as you started to order online, you’ll be served your drinks within seconds and your food shortly after. When you are full and feel like leaving, you can settle your bill with PayPal, credit card, or you can pay with cash, too. In this case service personnel will present the bill, you can pay, and you are done. However, if you are not into surfing online you can of course call the waiter and order the traditional way.

For us this was the first time experiencing a cyber restaurant, where we actually could order food online at the premises, and we loved it. Ambiance was nice, food was excellent and it is a far better alternative than the big fast food restaurant chains. uses market fresh fruits and vegetables and e.g. Hungarian gray beef for their burgers. Where it is possible they prefer buying their ingredients from local suppliers. takes pride in preparing and cooking meals freshly on the spot.

I think did an excellent job with this integrated dining concept focussing on customers’ different daily needs and preferences: besides on-premises catering offers a home or office delivery service and of course you can order your food online, as well as they do food catering for bigger events, too. And if you prefer it even more private and discreet, has a private room – a salon privé – upstairs in the restaurant, where you can celebrate with friends & family or it is also a great location for office parties any time of the year.

A huge Thank you goes to Maria and the team for the invitation and showing us around – we had a great time. :) is located downtown Budapest between the Andrassy and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky avenues: Nagymezo utca 41, Budapest.

For more information visit their website or their Facebook page. Bon appetite!

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By clicking here you can watch a short movie about the cyber restaurant and the ordering process.


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