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Endredi Design – Wizard of Furniture


Back in the days I used to love to go up to my Grandma’s attic and see what is actually hiding there. Every time I would come back with an old glass bottle, an old metal box and eventually with bigger furniture pieces. I admit it was bit scary and spooky up there – so I would never go alone, but every time it was worth it. Some of these newly found pieces moved around with me, it did not matter where I was going. Obviously, not the bigger furniture pieces, these have found their new places in my relatives’ homes (or wherever). And I’m happy I did bring these pieces down from the attic.

Going through old, well crafted items and furniture is an experience. Some people just look at it as ‘old stuff’, but for example people like Noemi Endredi have the eye and imagination, what those pieces are worth and what could eventually be done to ‘re-animate’ them, give them a new style and with it a new purpose. At first Noemi started to collect old furniture just for her own personal pleasure and after she carefully restored and refurbished them, suddenly everyone seemed to love them. This is how Noemi started out with her business – Endredi Antique – that has evolved into Endredi Design, a furniture design company.

With her business Noemi provides an alternative to mass-produced and rather uniform furniture offering of today to those who are looking for something unique, but affordable. Based on her clients’ briefings, Noemi and her team dream up a few unique designs matching to the style of the given antique or vintage piece. After careful and proper restoration the chosen furniture pieces are painted by hand or the desired design is brought onto these exclusive pieces. Endredi Design also cooperates with interior designers and architects and provides a comprehensive service – including customized furniture design services – to make their clients’ dreams come true.

At the end of the day a restored antique, a vintage or an individually designed furniture gives a space a lot of personality and a unique twist, and so you will have a special piece to pass on to your children.

For more information please visit their website (the English version is partly under construction) or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Endredi Design.



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