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Within the shortest time we all have gotten used to watching an event via life-casting or video-streaming, if we cannot be there in person. Nowadays, the possibility of live-streaming is taken for granted for most internet users. But where is the idea coming from and who are the initiators? Well, this article features the classical example of a successful American-Hungarian cooperation.

Ustream – one of the best known internet service providers worldwide – was founded by the two Californians John Ham and Brad Hunstable as well as by the Hungarian Dr. Gyula Feher. John and Brad knew each other from the US Military and the trio had already worked together on a internet event photo sharing site using the technology created by Dr. Gyula Feher in 2003.

Back to civilian life, John and Brad wanted their friends in the US Military Services, who were deployed to Iraq, to be able to communicate with their friends & families. A product like Ustream seemed to be a perfect way for soldiers to talk to all of their friends & relatives at the same time, since free time was very limited in the war zone. John and Brad have done some market research and they thought sharing live videos on the internet could be a viable product and have contacted Dr. Gyula Feher again. And this resulted in the birth of Ustream. The company was officially founded in 2007 in Hungary.

Since then Ustream established itself as one of the leading live streaming service providers and has won several industry awards. Ustream now operates out of San Francisco, CA, US and was recognized as one of the ‘Hottest Silicon Valley Companies’ by Lead411 in 2010. It has successfully attracted financial backing by investors enabling the company to finance its fast expansion. Shortly after its foundation, Ustream was the number one platform to major US candidates during the 2008 election campaign to allow a bigger number of voters to ask questions and raise their concerns directly.

“As the world’s fastest-growing and largest live streaming platform with over 50 million unique monthly viewers and a network of produced and user-generated content, Ustream is fundamentally reshaping online media. Our mission is to bring the world together by immersing viewers in live broadcasts that create riveting experiences, interactive communities, and lasting connections. The innovative products and powerful technologies we create will change the world.” [Source:]

Ustream’s main Research & Development Center is located in Budapest, Hungary and is managed by Ustream co-founder and co-owner, Dr. Gyula Feher, who is also the Chief Technology Officer of the company.

Once again a great product that serves real needs and makes our everyday lives easier – based on technology made (programmed) in Hungary.

For more information please visit their website or the Facebook page. As I saw the R&D center in Budapest is always looking for top notch, motivated talents, so it is worthwhile to check out their Facebook page, as well.

Source of images: courtesy of Ustream.



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