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Luxury Private Island – To Go


The percentage of those who have never dreamt of having their private islands is probably super close to zero – I think. Now there is a manmade floating private island called Orsos Islands – the mobile island-shaped yacht.

Founded in 2012, Orsos Islands was launched beginning of the year by its brainchild, the Hungarian born Gabor Orsos, who says “I did not plan an island and tried to find a use, I had the use and developed ORSOS Islands.” Gabor, with many years of experience in the hospitality, fine dining, tourism and real estate sectors wanted to create an exclusive hotel chain on mobile platforms. As his project progressed, one thing led to the other, and the luxurious, environmentally friendly, island shaped yacht was the result.

Orsos Islands – based in Graz, Austria – stands for an easy-going, relaxed and personal holiday experience that combines all the positive aspects of both mainland real estate and luxury yachts. However, not only the shape of the yacht is a bit different, but Orsos Islands is completely environmentally friendly, too. It has no engine. Solar panels and built-in, noiseless wind power system cater for energy needed on board. It has its own desalination and decomposing system, and the 20 meters wide and 37 meters long yacht can be moved by tug boats on shorter distances or by cargo ships on longer distances.

Yachts by Orsos Islands are equipped with the latest technology and they meet the strictest safety regulations. They can be fully customized and built according to the clients’ needs. Orsos Islands yachts offer about 1000 square meters living space on three levels with six bedrooms including master bathrooms, three kitchens (one on each level) and much more for twelve residents and four crew members. However, if you would like to throw a party, your invitation list can include up to 80 people.

I think there is nothing that you cannot have on this floating private island and not to forget about its ‘big plus’ for being 100% environmentally friendly. Orsos Islands yachts have been developed for businesses such luxury hotels and resorts as well as for private purposes. According to the company it  takes about 18 months to build a yacht. Orsos Islands’ contractual yacht manufacturer is the Slovakian based SMC Danube and architectural design was carried out by Mihaly Csikos.

Compared to the hundreds of millions that billionaires pay for real islands, the super-yachts by Orsos Islands can be considered a ‘bargain’ as it is said to be priced between 5 and 6 million EUR. Apparently, the company was overrun by inquiries from Australia, China, US and the Middle East.

For more information, please visit their website or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Orsos Islands.

Orsos_Islands_2 Orsos_Islands_3 Orsos_Islands_4 Orsos_Islands_5 Orsos_Islands_6 Orsos_Islands_7 Orsos_Islands_8 Orsos_Islands_9


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