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Versatile Designer – Sara Kele


Today I would like to introduce you to a young freelance designer from Budapest, Sara Kele. Sara’s artistic spectrum is very wide despite her young age and if I did not know approximately how old she is, I would have thought she has been in business for a longer while. But no, Sara has just started out a couple of years ago and her portfolio is already remarkable.

Besides graduating from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2009, with an MA in industrial design engineering, she pursued other studies in architecture, aesthetics and cultural anthropology, too. Sara is very receptive to local and international tendencies and it is of great importance to her to work on different projects with changing structures and teams. Sara’s designs and concepts have already been awarded several times in Hungary as well as in international settings.

Sara’s style can be described as minimalist with a certain twist that can be an unexpected solution or an extravagant detail. But it is extremely important to her that design follows function and not the other way around. Products designed by Sara are always highly functional, and pleasing to the eye & heart at the same time. But she does not just design for the sake of creative moments – Sara always would like to solve an existing problem and offer a functional & aesthetic solution to it.

Personally, I am always very interested to find out where designers get their inspiration from. Some like to travel to hidden places, some go through old archives, but in Sara’s case this process is interesting and very straight forward, too. She likes to get on her bicycle to swirl through the streets of Budapest. During her bike journeys she picks up the vibes & waves of the city, observes people and human characteristics. She simply lives her life and a mixture of these impulses are at the end reflected in her work.

Sara’s latest project is something completely different compared to what she has done before: she is now working on her first shoe collection and would like to build up her own shoe brand. This project is still at the beginning, so I cannot tell you more yet, but we will surely recognize her signature here, too. I am excited!

Given the fact that Sara has just started out recently, I am absolutely positive that she will surprise us even more in the future. Her balanced but borderless way of thinking as well as her serenity build a perfect base for her bright future.

For more information please visit Sara’s website.

Source of images: Sara Kele’s courtesy.

Sara Kele - Remiz - Lamps - Photo by Gabor Garai Sara Kele - Wally Furniture Sara Kele - #22 Chair Sara Kele - Tricycle Sara Kele - Hangover Sara Kele - Graphic Design Sara Kele - Aristoclip - Collection of Clips

Sara_Kele_9_Bico_Bicycle_Rental_Concept Sara_Kele_10_Direction_System


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