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USE Unused.


Let’s start with something uncommon: I usually type fast with ten fingers and most of the times without mistakes. However, when it comes to typing the brand name ‘USE unused’ in my regular tempo, I get totally confused and actually have to concentrate on typing. Although, the name looks so easy to type: minimalist and serene. And so is the brand: minimalist & sophisticated, clear & contemporary. Can this be one of the secrets to its success …? It forces me to get engaged with the brand in a subtile way, too – cannot just fly over it in a regular tempo.

Having gone through USE unused’s past and actual collections this is one thing I did notice: throughout the years they have managed to build a brand that clearly has its core shapes and cuts in a distinctly USE unused style, however the shapes, cuts and colors are re-interpreted differently every season. USE unused is a wearable brand and is definitely not only for editorial shootings. Pieces are modern and classical at the same time and USE unused emphasizes its mission to create collections that can be worn and styled for several seasons.

Founded by a designer trio – Eszter Füzes, Attila Godena-Juhasz and Andras Toth – in 2005, their first showing was actually the year before: their graduation collection for the autumn-winter season. Since then the designer team has managed to become one of the most sought after Hungarian fashion brands not only locally but internationally, too.

USE unused’s muse for its women collection cannot be determined by age but rather by characteristics. The USE unused lady has an introvert, mystical, feminine but determined personality, who likes to dress in style with pieces that do not dominate her. She prefers soft colors that lift her mood in a given season, but are also discreet, if she would like to stay somewhat unnoticed.

Every now and then USE unused launches a capsule collection, such as the men’s collection 2011 A/W or the accessory line with some stunning fashion jewelry and matching summer bag & clutch for 2012 S/S. USE unused main and complementary lines have an artistic touch to them, too, that results from the designers’ background and studies in Art and Contemporary Design.

I love the fact that USE unused – along several other Hungarian fashion brands – is able to offer high fashion pieces at affordable prices. This is definitely a segment that is deemed to survive, as customers are getting more conscious about purchasing clothing that is of good quality, can be worn longer than a couple of months and still look distinctly stylish.

For more information please visit their website or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of USE unused.

USE_unused_2 USE_unused_3_AW12 USE_unused_4_AW12 USE_unused_5_AW12 USE_unused_6_AW12 USE_unused_7_AW12 USE_unused_8_AW12 USE_unused_9_AW12 USE_unused_10_AW12

USE_unused_11_Menswear_capsule_collection USE_unused_12_Menswear_capsule_collection USE_unused_13_Menswear_capsule_collection USE_unused_14_Menswear_capsule_collection USE_unused_15


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