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[Update January 19, 2013: Name of the application has changed and now it is called ‘Girl Magnet’ instead of ‘Pick Up Anywhere’. Links and names in the article below have been updated.]

Do you remember Cyndi Lauper’s song “Girls just wanna have fun”? Also, do you know that girls in general prefer humorous guys who make them laugh? But if you are a shy boy, how do you get to that point to show a girl that you are actually funny? Of course – with a cute & charming App.

Quite honestly, I would love to be a fly on the wall when girls & boys from Plan B Labs are brainstorming. I have already introduced you to their first product ‘ThinkInvisible‘, which a lot of you liked. Now, Plan B Labs has come up with a funny App ‘Girl Magnet‘ – just right before New Years Eve celebrations (excellent timing by the way).

I am sure that a lot of you know the feeling: you go somewhere, are having fun with your friends, then you spot a girl and your heart bumps faster. You know there is something in the air and you would love to talk to her. Some boys will get all nervous and nothing comes to mind what to say to her – especially if you do not speak her language! Girl Magnet is the light at the end of the tunnel. With the help of Girl Magnet you can put together a couple of ice-breaker sentences and you can do this in six different languages.

There are four levels – depending how brave you are, but I suggest you just going through the levels as practice makes you perfect :). So the first level is when you give her a compliment regarding her nice hairdo, beautiful eyes or stunning dress. (Girls love to get cute compliments…) If this worked out well, you can invite her for a drink and there you go: you are already in conversation with your lady! Excellent. Afterwards you can offer her to go somewhere together, like to the cinema, theater or even to the zoo to have more fun.

I think this is a totally cute and charming way for boys to approach girls and can already see sweet and funny stories happening with the help of Girl Magnet. It would be lovely to read, what do you think of Girl Magnet and to hear some of your stories, if you do not mind sharing :). However, if this does not work out at once, do not be sad, she just was not the right one, there is always a next opportunity.

You can download Girl Magnet from the App-store – it is free. Android version is on its way, too, so hang in there Android boys!

For more information please visit the websiteFacebook page or Plan B Labs website.

. . . and one more thing: should you find Mrs. Right with Girl Magnet, with the help of Plan B Labs you can even learn her language – so that you will be approved by your future mother-in-law, too!! By the time you succeed with Girl Magnet, LearnInvisible – the full service language learning App – will be available, too, but you can sign up already now to get their latest news.

Source of images: courtesy of PlanB Labs.

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