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Statement Jewelry By Ildi Czok

Czok Ildi_1

Founded early 2012, Ildi Czok’s statement jewelry business is yet another highlight of contemporary design offering on the Hungarian market. Ildi’s eye-catching pieces are handmade and only two or three are created in a similar design, greatly minimizing the probability that two ladies would be wearing the same at an event.

Currently, Ildi Czok offers four different collections: for two collections she uses her special signature metallic yarn that is either mounted on a flat geometric form or on three-dimensional round shapes. Yarn colors and designs make her jewelry pieces very special and depending on the light, they shine and sparkle differently. Besides the unique yarn collections, there is also one made of wonderful beads and the fourth one is the stunning bridal jewelry that will make every bride even more beautiful.

Ildi’s designs are definitely for women with an open and very confident personality, who do not mind to be noticed from far. Some of the jewelry forms and shapes remind us of the Egyptian times, and they also have a futuristic character resulting in timeless, wearable creations. Jewels come in different sizes and all of them can also be custom-made to match one’s own taste, preference and wardrobe.

Besides designing jewelry, Ildi Czok a mother of two lovely girls, works as a stylist and as a copywriter. She has always been attracted to the aesthetic world, however her career started out completely differently and it took a while for her to arrive on this path. The special mix of her experience in different areas as well as the creative environment she grew up in makes Ildi Czok’s designs and collection standing out and truly unique.

For more information please visit Ildi Czok’s website or her Facebook page.

Source of images: Ildi Czok’s courtesy. Campaign photos by Edit Garai.

Czok Ildi_4_photo_by_Edit_Garai Czok Ildi_3_photo_by_Edit_Garai Czok Ildi_2_photo_by_Edit_GaraiCzok Ildi_5 Czok Ildi_6 Czok Ildi_7 Czok Ildi_8 Czok Ildi_9 Czok Ildi_10 Czok Ildi_11 Czok Ildi_12_Inspiration


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