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Paq Chair: From Bed To Chair In 20 Seconds


The Paq Chair will be your best friend, if your living space in your apartment is limited. It is a ‘from-bed-to-chair-in-20-seconds’ solution for urban tenants who like highly functional design objects.

Conceived and developed by young product design engineer, Geza Csire in 2010, after he moved into his new small apartment and wanted to find a solution to hide his messy bed during daytime. It took about a year and a half to finish the entire product development process. Paq Chair was exhibited at the Mikser Design Festival in Belgrad in 2011 and it was awarded with the first prize. A year later Paq Chair was launched internationally early 2012. Since then a hype developed around the Paq Chair and it became highly sought-after.

The Paq Chair is a unique piece of design that is comfortable, fun and amazingly practical for all types of living spaces. While it is nice as a home accessory, it also functions as the perfect solution to offer a place to sleep for your overnight guest. Stylish and comfortable, Paq Chair consists of a mattress, a removable cover and a cylindrical carton box in a shape of a drum that serves as a bedside table at night and hides the bed sheet during the day.

Currently the Paq Chair comes in four designs: Synthetic Leather Collection, Feels Like Cotton Collection, Crazy & Waterproof Collection and the  Limited Edition Collection. All of them are available in a lot of colors to match your taste and preferences. Paq Chairs in the Crazy & Waterproof Collection can also be placed outdoors and are suitable for your balcony or terrace.

First time I saw the Paq Chair live, it was in the Odoo House and quite honestly, at first I did not know what to expect. Some may think that the chair is not comfortable, but I can assure you it is – surprisingly it is very comfortable. I tried it and did not want to leave again. I am not sure this is the type of guest you would like to invite, but if it is, you should consider getting one or two Paq Chairs . . . :)

For more information please visit the website or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Paq Chair.

Paq_Chair_2 Paq_Chair_3 Paq_Chair_4 Paq_Chair_5 Paq_Chair_6 Paq_Chair_7


One thought on “Paq Chair: From Bed To Chair In 20 Seconds

  1. What a great product, very creative! I never think a bed can turn in to a chair in 20s. This product will solve small spaces problem or maybe bring it when you go camping is also a great idea. Good job!

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