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Wet Parties In The Coolest Locations


As Christmas is slowly passing by, it is time again for some great fun and wild parties. Cinetrip – an innovative party brand and event organizer – is becoming 15 years old and it certainly will not go unnoticed. Cinetrip is one of the most sought after party concepts worldwide having its roots in the Hungarian capital. It combines everything that will definitely make you remember their events for years to come.

This success story started 15 years ago as a private outdoor party organized for friends by Laszlo Laki and Eva Galos. Feedback they received was so amazing that the couple wanted to offer this type of entertainment to a wider audience . . . The rest is history as Cinetrip evolved into a brand and an unparalleled world on its own, receiving plenty of invitations also from abroad to organize their legendary parties to folks in France, England, The Netherlands, Italy, Australia, etc.

Cinetrip is an audio-visual party genre which revives the atmosphere of the heroic days of cinema with modern technology. Cinetrip events always take place in unique locations in a colorful and magical visual world. The series started in Rudas Bath by playing soundtracks to silent movies, and during the years their spectrum of parties has been widened, evolving into Cinetrip The Party Brand. Sparties (spa parties)  involve artistic shows of DJs, live acts, fire dancers, air acrobats, water ballet, oriental style belly dancers. There is also catering available and guests can buy any kind of drinks and sandwiches, and have a bath in different rooms of historical venues. E.g. one of the halls in Rudas bath is an ancient Turkish thermal bath which is around 600 years old. People can relax here whilst listening to some cool sound beats.

During summer sparties move from the hot steam to the open air. The Plein Air series take place along natural ponds and lakes, while there are special summer movie-nights in Széchenyi and Gellért Baths for those who stay in the capital. The enchanted Magic Bath events are musical nights which can be customized to fit private party needs. To cater to the local audio-visual culture, there are Cinetrip VJ Tournaments, where visual artists have the opportunity to compete in an international league, entertain the local audience and get to know the latest innovations and software in the Cinetrip headquarters.

Cinetrips are cool and fun. Adding underwater music from underground DJs to accompany all the overhead lighting and videos, and you might find yourself on a ‘trip’ . . . You will not find this combination of past, present and future anywhere else: a slowed-down rave in the decadent and relaxing tradition of the ancient world and it makes you think to be part of the Eastern Roman Empire. No make-up, no high-heels, no designer dresses to worry about – just your bathing suits & couple of good friends and the rest is taken care of. But – house rules have to be respected, otherwise your party can be over sooner than you think.

And why am I bringing this event now of all things on the second day of Christmas? Because Cinetrip is celebrating its 15th anniversary in the Széchenyi Bath December 29, 2012 – and if you are around, you definitely should check out this experience. Tickets cost EUR 40.00 and are available online at Paylogic. You can also get your tickets locally at Hütte Café, Szimpla or Mozaik Teahouse and Café.

For more information about the concept and Cinetrip sparties, please visit the website or their Facebook page.

Photos: courtesy of Cinetrip.

Cinetrip_2 Cinetrip_3 Cinetrip_4 Cinetrip_5 Cinetrip_6 Cinetrip_7 Cinetrip_8 Cinetrip_9 Cinetrip_10 Cinetrip_11 Cinetrip_12


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