Top 15 Articles in 2012 And Happy New Year!


Hungarian Success Stories was started about three months ago, end of September 2012 and boy – time went by so fast. As it is usual at many places it is time to do our first ‘yearend closing’ – even though it is a short period of a few months.

First of all, I would like to thank you for all your support, positive feedback and also for your tips and suggestions regarding inspiring concepts, people or companies, I should keep an eye on or write about. I very much appreciate your inputs as they have been great suggestions. This is truly an exciting project and I’m happy lot of you like it and find it inspirational. For the year 2013 I plan to cover further exciting newcomer brands, but also companies with long heritage as well as to do some exciting cooperations.

Now it is time to look back to 2012 for a second. Out of the 60 articles posted in the last 3 months, here you will find the hit list of the top 15 articles that you liked and read the most in 2012: standing in the top 10 is extremely tight – so I might have to update the results January 1, 2013 when they are absolutely final :) … . So here is the walk of fame:

1. Give A Pizza Box A Second Chance

2. USE Unused.

3. Jolly Book Swap Community By Rukkola

4. Vanessa Axente – On ‘The Hot List’ of Promising Newcomers

5. Lenoushka – Cushion with Passion

6. Laokoon – Innovation in Material Design

7. Versatile Designer – Sara Kele

8. Barbara Palvin – On The List Of ‘Money Girls’

9. Odoo-House – Solar Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Rule

10. Cherish The Good And Defeat The Bad In Style (Marbushka)

11. Prezi – Say Good-Bye to PowerPoint

12. La Maison d’Elysian – Like in a Fairy Tale

13. You Say Concrete? I Say IVANKA.

14. Kepes Center in Eger: Past Meets Future

15. Barnoff – Fashion for the Free and Open-Minded

Thanks very much for stopping by, for reading and for supporting all featured great Hungarian brands, exceptional companies and the inspirational people behind them!

Well, there is not much left unsaid other than: I wish all my readers a fantastic new year filled with joy, laughter, success and good health & Nagyon Boldog Uj Evet. See you in 2013. ♥

Warm regards & Cheers!



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