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Independent Fashion Publication – The Room

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The Room is a Budapest based biannual magazine about high fashion and contemporary arts. Founded in 2004, it was the very first in its league in the Central-Eastern European region relaunching the values of high quality fashion in Hungary and aiming to provide a space, a ‘room’ for imagination and creation with no boundaries. Since then the magazine has established itself and has grown into a publication that cannot be overseen. It comes in a slightly oversized format, is printed on high quality paper and its place is nowhere less than the stylish coffee table at home.

Today the magazine “is an award-winning, cutting-edge ‘bookzin‘ with unique and surprising visuals that speak about fashion and art in a boundless way.” Its fresh approach to editorials, eye-catching images and insightful interviews make The Room stand out. It attempts to challenge and to engage its audience, while providing a distinctly modern point of view that mixes edgy and eclectic styles. This bilingual magazine comes out twice a year in April and October in English & Hungarian, and is available for purchase in all major European and North-American cities as well as in Japan.

The highly professional and passionate The Room team consists of Hungarian and international contributors, who believe in free and boundless nature of creativity. Editor-In-Chief Ali Toth and Fashion Director Aniko Virag oversee the direction of the magazine as well as its fashion, art, design and culture content. The Room often has a Central European focus, providing a fresh and insightful vision on unique topics distinguishing itself from other contemporary publications worldwide. Art Director, Zoltan Lonovics is responsible for the minimalist and elegant look of the magazine that accentuates the stunning editorials and visuals shot under Marton Perlaki‘s direction.

The Room is truly an artistic fashion publication that puts Budapest and the local Hungarian creative community into the spotlight.

An electronic version of The Room is available for your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone here.

For more information please visit the The Room website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of The Room and FMD. Copyright: The Room.

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The Room_11_SS_2011

The Room_5_Editorials The Room_6_Editorials The Room_7_Editorials The Room_8_Editorials The Room_9_Editorials The Room_10_Editorials


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