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Today’s success story is about a young Hungarian graphic designer and digital artist, Zsolt Dobak, whose amazing work made me day-dreaming in front of my screen. Some of his creations I found relaxing and pleasing to the eye, others made me think and wonder.

Originally from the small town of Nagykata (about 40km from Budapest), Zsolt now lives and works in the Hungarian capital. He is a classical example of the young, determined and ambitious generation of successful Hungarian artists. Zsolt started working as a graphic designer about ten years ago and at the same time he acquired the techniques of ‘digital art’ on his own, constantly challenging and keeping himself in the top league.

His work can be described as abstract and Zsolt likes that his creations are never explicit. “Everyone will interpret shapes and colors differently and almost everyone can relate to an abstract creation based on his own experience and situation in life.” – says the artist, whose intention is exactly this: that you find your own world in his works. He is very open to external influences – which could be simply anything – and transforms these into unique creations by twisting and turning everyday objects into fantasy visuals.

Zsolt is very proud of the results that he was able to achieve so far on his own and that he could establish himself in a field where he enjoys working. His creations are highly appreciated in Hungary and internationally, too. He designs exclusive flyers and T-shirts, works for agencies and is present in the digital event scene, too. “I am very happy that I can inspire other people and this positive energy comes back to me at a certain point in time. This gives me the motivation to go different tracks and try something new every time. But I am also grateful for the constant support of my friends and family, who encourage me to continue on this road.” – says the young artist.

There is a downside to his success, though, namely when he finds his work at design fairs printed on T-shirts, which he did not know about. Obviously, these are unhappy moments, however only the bests are copied. The digital space and technology is extremely dynamic, but Zsolt is full of new ideas & plans for the future. Besides his professional goals Zsolt is also trying to find a healthy work-life balance, so that his creative ideas would never stop flowing.

For more information please visit Zsolt’s website or Facebook page.

Source of images: Zsolt Dobak’s courtesy. [Disclaimer: Reproduction of images is strictly forbidden without written permission by Zsolt Dobak.]

Zsolt_Dobak_2_Delirium Zsolt_Dobak_3_Lost_Times Zsolt_Dobak_4_Rik_n_Roll Zsolt_Dobak_5_Roswell Zsolt_Dobak_6_Time Zsolt_Dobak_7_Untold_Dream_of_the_Dragon Zsolt_Dobak_8_Vibetown Zsolt_Dobak_9


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