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Pleasemachine – Eye-Catching And Fun Shoes


Pleasemachine is a perfect brand to put some color, energy and good karma on the January horizon with unique, individual and fun shoes & boots designed by Anna Zaboeva. Unusual forms & shapes, environmentally conscious concept, one-of-a-kind textures and materials lead to the slogan of Pleasemachine: We Are Crazy, Cool and Colorful.

Anna Zaboeva grew up in Siberia, Russia. After her textile design studies in Moscow and cinematic art studies in Novosibirsk, she hitch-hiked from St. Petersburg to Budapest and arrived on New Years Eve in 2006 as she won a scholarship to the Budapest State University of Art, Craft and Design (MOME). After her graduation Anna has tried different design areas, when she eventually made her first shoe design that led to founding her lifestyle shoe brand ‘Pleasemachine’. Shoes designed by Anna are handcrafted in her private atelier in Budapest, are made of natural materials. These shoes are about individuality and diversity.

Anna and her small team take pride in recycling old materials into unique creations and Pleasemachine has a limited edition line ‘Reuse for Shoes’. To find the craziest patterns and textiles, Anna and her team regularly visit areas of Budapest, where the official ‘removal of household waste’ takes place. (This happens when residents can place their household items, accessories, furnitures, etc. that they do not need anymore on the streets and these items are picked up by municipality workers. The idea behind it pretty much follows the logic ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure‘. It is a great occasion to find unique pieces of all kinds. This ‘event’ – called lomtalanítás in Hungarian – is similar to a flea market, except the goods are for free and they lay on the street for a short while until they are picked up.)

Pleasemachine is not only about ‘everyday’ shoes though, it is about a lifestyle celebrating who you are, your individual style, being crazy, having fun and the freedom of boundless creativity. I think this is a very exciting brand that is not afraid to experiment, to satisfy the wildest customer ideas, while respecting traditional craftsmanship and the environment, and somehow it is still totally down to earth. It is highly probable that Pleasemachine will be expanding into other areas, as well, since this is definitely a brand without boundaries.

Lovingly made creations by Pleasemachine are available online, in the Budapest flagship stores and internationally, too. For more information please visit the Pleasemachine website or Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Pleasemachine.

Pleasemachine_2 Pleasemachine_3 Pleasemachine_4 Pleasemachine_5 Pleasemachine_6 Pleasemachine_7 Pleasemachine_8 Pleasemachine_9 Pleasemachine_10 Pleasemachine_11_Anna_Zaboeva


One thought on “Pleasemachine – Eye-Catching And Fun Shoes

  1. I do like the very individual styling of Please Machine – They are very different from the run of the mill. I look forward to see what other clothing they branch out to

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