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The Beauty Of Geometry And Perfection


Laszlo Tompa’s creations are just that: stunning! Perfect natural shapes and artistic workmanship paired with simple, but ingenious ideas that make us wonder and marvel.

Originally a ceramic designer, Laszlo graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest majoring in ceramics and porcelain. In the early years of his career he was rather interested in designing and making ceramic tiles. Later on he discovered the world of round geometric shapes, that placed next to each other result in the most natural and harmonious geometric element – a circle.

Laszlo has developed three collections such as the Cube Illusion, Flower Lamp and Spiral Box made of solid cherry wood, that adds even more to the natural look of these creations.

Cube Illusion is a wooden storage cube with a lid. It is called ‘Cube Illusion’, because when looking at it one would not think that it also offers a relatively big storage space, due to the optical illusion of the ornaments. And so is this creation not only beautiful, but also highly functional. The Cube Illusion was selected as one of the finalists at the International Furniture Design Competition in Japan in 2011.

Driven by the fantastic outcome of the Cube Illusion, later on Laszlo decided to design and create lamps and the Flower Lamps were born. The basic Flower Lamp has a hexagonal or pentagonal pyramid shape covered with different, not matching geometric ornaments. The lamps are not transparent and so they are suitable for directed lighting downwards.

The Spiral Box is an uniquely shaped box to store small objects in one drawer with compartments that runs along within the spiral body. The essence of the box lies in its playfulness. At first glance we would not think that box has a drawer. This object makes us curious and people start playing with it instantly as it is a mix of a toy, a storage box and figurine. Ingenious.

I find Laszlo’s creations remarkable and not just because of their uniqueness in terms of shape, functionality and craftsmanship, but even though these creations are definite eye-catchers, somehow they are suitable to embellish living spaces of different styles.

For more information please visit Laszlo Tompa’s website or his Facebook page.

Source of images: Laszlo Tompa’s courtesy.

Tompa_Laszlo_2_flower_lamp Tompa_Laszlo_3__flower_lamp Tompa_Laszlo_4_flower_lamp Tompa_Laszlo_5_flower_lamp Tompa_Laszlo_6_flower_lamp Tompa_Laszlo_7_cube_illusion Tompa_Laszlo_8_cube_illusion Tompa_Laszlo_9_Spiral_Box Tompa_Laszlo_10_Spiral_Box Tompa_Laszlo_11_Spiral_Box Tompa_Laszlo_12


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