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DORA – The New Generation Of Bicycle Helmets


DORA is an innovative bicycle helmet that makes bicyclists more visible on the road with built-in lighting functions and it protects the head of its wearer. It is specifically designed for people who spend time on the road, when it gets dark outside and also to prevent misunderstandings between bicyclists and car drivers due to different interpretation of some hand-signs.

Built-in helmet lights are visible from all sides for highest visibility of the cyclist and they can be activated via a wireless control button mounted on the handlebar of the bike. Communication between the button and the helmet takes place via blue-tooth. The helmet has two turn signals – one on the left and one on the right side  – it has a head led-light and a red light on the back. The lighting system works with rechargeable batteries that are placed on the top of the helmet.

This new concept of bicycle helmet was designed and developed by Balazs Filczer, who currently studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest and majors in product and transportation design. DORA was introduced at the International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) last October and the concept was awarded in the category clothing & accessories. The next big step for this young invention will be at the TAPEI CYCLE 2013 exhibition (Taiwan) in March 2013 that is considered as one of the most prestigious events to introduce innovations in & around bicycles.

When looking at this concept, it makes me wonder, why nobody has come up with this so far, as there are so many accidents involving cyclists everyday? Quite honestly, the technology behind it is not so revolutionary, it is used in our everyday lives (bluetooth, wireless, etc.). But again, one has to have the bright idea and the skills to connect the dots. Congratulations – a lot of people will be very thankful for this invention!

For more information please visit the website or join the Facebook page for regular updates.

Source of images: Balazs Filczer’s courtesy.



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