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Private Tours For A Memorable Experience


What do you do in a city like Budapest that has so much to offer and you would like to get to know the real side of it – without all the clichés? You would probably book a personalized tour that fits your personal interests and so you can get the most out of your limited time. Additionally, if would like to feel like a local, get real insights into the Hungarian way of life and do things that you will remember for a life time, well, then most probably you will book a customized private tour – on a one-on-one basis or in very small groups – with Andras Novak, owner of My Personal Budapest.

My Personal Budapest specializes in offering guests uniquely tailored tours through the city or parts of Hungary. Andras, the founder & owner of My Personal Budapest, with an extensive expertise in the travel industry founded his business in 2010 after having lost his job due to the crisis. He did not hesitate for too long and made the best out of the situation. Andras spotted a niche in the travel market and started offering guided tours for his guests – entirely tailored to their needs. His quality services became so popular among visitors that shortly after starting his client-focused business, My Personal Budapest – Private Tours skyrocketed to the 1st place on TripAdvisor in 2011 and remained there since.

The most popular tours from My Personal Budapest offering are certainly the ‘Hidden Treasure Tours’, showing guests wonderful hidden spots in the city that they probably would not have found on their own. Also, visitors love the ‘Home Lunch’ experience and being spoilt by Andras’ parents in their home with real Hungarian meals, that is also a great opportunity to have deeper conversations about Hungary’s past, present and future. However, if you like classical music, Andras happily arranges private piano concerts for you and your family, for example with Adam Fellegi, famous Hungarian pianist.

And of course we should not forget about the ‘Trabant tours’: during this tour guests are driven to the points of interests of Budapest in a legendary Trabant car with a dedicated Trabant-chauffeur. Even Hungarians love to take these tours and some of them would have never thought a decade ago, that they ever will pay for a Trabant-ride – just for fun. If you have never experienced a Trabant yet, it should definitely go on your ‘Before I Die’-list.

Andras very much enjoys guiding his guests through his hometown and make them feel to be part of it. His very open, friendly and service-oriented personality resulted in heart-warming guest feedbacks, such as for example by an elderly couple from the United States who told Andras at the end of the tour: ‘When we started this tour you were our guide – now we leave this tour and you became part of our family‘.

If you seek for more than just checking off tourist attractions on your list, and really want to get to know Hungary and its residents – especially in current times – the best way to do this is to mingle with the locals and hear what they have to say and to show you. It is always a good way to understand and relate to things better. Andras and his team spend a lot of time to stay up-to-date with the latest local developments, exciting new offerings of this thriving city and his tours will definitely exceed your expectations in several aspects.

For more information please visit My Personal Budapest website or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of My Personal Budapest.

My_Personal_Budapest_2_Trabant_Tour My_Personal_Budapest_3_Trabant_Tour My_Personal_Budapest_4_Private_Piano_Concert My_Personal_Budapest_5_Hidden_Treasures_Tour My_Personal_Budapest_6_Ceramic_Experience_Tour My_Personal_Budapest_7_Lunch_At_A_Hungarian_Home My_Personal_Budapest_8_Wine_Cellar_Tour



One thought on “Private Tours For A Memorable Experience

  1. I like the idea of taking a private tour to look at sites I’ve never been to before. It helps to know about a few tours I should consider looking into. I think it’s great that there are tailored tours through parts of Hungary that can show me areas I’ve never been to that have an interesting history. I’ve been considering traveling to Hungary, so taking a tour around Budapest would probably be a good idea for my next trip.

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