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Temple Of Nature – Lake Tisza EcoCenter


Tisza-tó (Lake Tisza), the second largest fresh-water lake of Hungary, is located about 140km to east from Budapest on the Great Hungarian Plain. This region has a rich flora and fauna, it is a large open water area with shallow water and small islands. It belongs to the Hortobagy National Park that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage program since 1999.

In April 2012 a new EcoCenter was inaugurated at the Lake Tisza in Poroszlo, with the mission to establish a large, authentic visitor center with permanent exhibitions and to serve educational purposes. Exploring exhibitions and participating in any of the special activities can provide an exciting and practical supplement to biology lessons for students in elementary or secondary schools and even colleges. This new four-storey building that looks like a church or a castle from far away is an architectural highlight, with a modern, special touch and fitting in well into the local area. The bird shaped Lake Tisza EcoCenter was designed by Laszlo Kertay, a Hungarian architect, who was awarded the prestigious Ybl-prize for his architectural achievements.

Lake Tisza EcoCenter is home to a huge freshwater aquarium with a capacity of over 735.000 liters in the basement with a mini waterworld ecosystem. On the ground floor visitors can view different exhibitions and the aquarium water life can be also watched through the floor as it is made of glass. There is a large conference room on the first floor that can accommodate up to 100 people and it might be used for scientific presentations or temporary exhibitions. The forth floor offers a wonderful view on to the neighboring scenery with the Lake Tisza and its greenery, and it will also house the local water-police and lake storm warning system.

It is planned to develop the Lake-Tisza EcoCenter to a meeting & melting point of local craftsmen, nature-lover tourists and visitors. It also aims to play an important educational role in the fields of biology and environment protection, hence to act as an accelerator to increase ‘green-tourism’ and expert meetings in this region by providing visitors a truly memorable experience.

The ultimate purpose of the EcoCenter is to show visitors that the only sustainable way of living is to live in harmony with nature. Since the building and its surrounding is still fairly new, it will take a little while until trees and bushes can be seen in their entire beauty in the direct neighborhood of the EcoCenter. However, this is a wonderful place in midst of untouched nature that is definitely worthwhile a trip – for urban people and nature-lover guests alike.

For more information please visit Lake Tisza Eco-Center website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Lake Tisza Eco-Center and Photos by Janos Szentivani.

Tisza-Lake_Eco-Center_2_Photo_by_Janos_Szentivani Tisza-Lake_Eco-Center_3_Photo_by_Janos_Szentivani Tisza-Lake_Eco-Center_4_Photo_by_Janos_Szentivani Tisza-Lake_Eco-Center_5_Photo_by_Janos_Szentivani Tisza-Lake_Eco-Center_6_Photo_by_Janos_Szentivani Tisza-Lake_Eco-Center_7_Photo_by_Janos_Szentivani Tisza-Lake_Eco-Center_8_Photo_by_Janos_Szentivani Tisza-Lake_Eco-Center_9_Photo_by_Janos_Szentivani


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