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A True Gem: Bomo Art Budapest


In current times of smart phones, laptops, e-books and other digital options of keeping track of news, schedules and contacts, it is very refreshing to immerse in a world that is the complete opposite of this trend. Graphics drawn by hand take us back to old times, high quality diaries covered with sheep or goat leather, and handmade papers are considered a real luxury nowadays.

Bomo Art Budapest is a true gem offering a wide range of leather book covers, distinct diaries, wonderful wrapping papers, unique stationary and post cards, photo albums, sketch books and other lovely accessories. Every single graphic detail, the assortment and shop concept of Bomo Art Budapest reminds me of assumed happy times four or five generations ago. The words that come to mind are exclusive, precious and made with love.

Karoly Boldizsar, founder and owner of Bomo Art Budapest has always loved paper and in particular the scent of fresh paper. His father used to work for a Hungarian paper printing company and Karoly’s love affair with paper goes back to his childhood. After learning the secrets of this trade, he founded his own business and established his manufactory. Everything is done by hand – from the graphic design to paper cutting – supported by traditional machines that one would probably find in museums.

Karoly and his small team of enthusiastic artists and paper & book aficionados take pride in producing high quality stationary and leather accessories, as well as in spoiling their customers with an outstanding level of service. The small flagship store in the Regiposta utca 14 (Budapest, 5th district) is a retreat, celebrating craftsmanship and creativity inspired by the architectural details of the city of Budapest. Bomo Art Budapest assortment is also available at selected stores in Hungary and internationally as well as online.

Bomo Art Budapest serves an ever-growing circle of clients, who appreciate the concept of unique ideas paired with exceptional craftsmanship, and enjoy the pleasure of gifting – be it a wonderfully designed postcard for a special occasion or a nicely crafted notebook that can be carried around all year long.

For more information please visit Bomo Art Budapest website or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Bomo Art Budapest.

Bomo_Art_Budapest_2_Book_Binders Bomo_Art_Budapest_3_Wrapping_Papers Bomo_Art_Budapest_4_Diary_Cover Bomo_Art_Budapest_5_Teleidoscopes Bomo_Art_Budapest_6_Sketch_Book Bomo_Art_Budapest_7 Bomo_Art_Budapest_8_Gift_Certificate Bomo_Art_Budapest_9 Bomo_Art_Budapest_10 Bomo_Art_Budapest_11


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