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Design Tudakozó – Budapest Based Interior Design Consulting


There is no day going by without me flipping through some magazines or blogs dedicated to architecture and interior design. I can spend hours looking at pictures of nicely appointed homes, apartments and living spaces – sometimes just for the purpose of dreaming, sometimes for inspiration. Yes, I am an addict and I love it :). This is also the reason, why I am happy to introduce a young Hungarian architect and interior designer, Viktor Csap and his business, Design Tudakozó (in English: Design Inquiries).

First time I came across Viktor’s portfolio, I was looking at his work executed in small flats. Having been confronted with small living spaces in big cities quite a few times in my life, I kind of wished he would have been around back then to help me with making those spaces look gorgeous and still functional. Today I am glad that this part of the market is developing and architects focus on smaller spaces, too, not only on big houses, villas and residences – as I think it is a real challenge to make small spaces livable, cozy, appealing and practical at the same time.

Viktor graduated at VIA University in Denmark with BA in Architecture in 2008. After graduation he relocated back to Hungary and started working at the Budapest based Geppetto Design Studio. In 2012 Viktor founded Design Tudakozó that offers a wide range of services to clients in and around the topic living & working spaces: from neutral opinion on a project in completion, to few tips on renovating a room or an office, and of course also execution of more complex projects as well as architectural and interior design consultancy services to private & corporate clients. Design Tudakozó consists of three experts, beside Viktor Csap founder, Panna Piros interior designer and Daniel Borlói architectural consultant are at clients’ services as well as other professionals and partners will be brought along depending on the nature of the project.

A proud father to a 7 months old girl, Viktor also loves winter sports and he would like to do a tour on the Russian tundra sometime later. During his visits in foreign towns and cities he likes the feeling of ‘getting lost’ and is interested in discovering hidden places that tourist guide books do not talk about. Beside his consultancy services, Viktor also owns an online shop Nooka Hungary, dedicated to sleek, designy accessories.

As I have already mentioned earlier, tastes and preferences vary and can be different, but when I first saw Viktor’s work, I liked his concepts instantly. In some cases the north European influence and inspiration is evident (which I am a huge fan of!), however in other cases his multifaceted taste and ideas come to light, too. I am more than curious to read about Viktor’s future projects. It is great to see young talents believing in themselves and taking the courage to build up their own businesses from scratch. Good luck to Viktor with his future endeavors.

For more information please have a look at Viktor’s portfolio on Behance, or visit the Design Tudakozo website and Facebook page (both website and FB page only in Hungarian).

Source of images: Viktor Csap’s courtesy. Photos by Csaba Barbay | Flashback Photostudio and Peter Szekely.

Viktor_Csap_2_Small_Flat1_Photo_by_Csaba_Barbay Viktor_Csap_3_Small_Flat1_Photo_by_Csaba_Barbay Viktor_Csap_4_Small_Flat1_Photo_by_Csaba_Barbay Viktor_Csap_5_Small_Flat1_Photo_by_Csaba_Barbay Viktor_Csap_6_Small_Flat2_Photo_by_Csaba_Barbay Viktor_Csap_7_Small_Flat2_Photo_by_Peter_Szekely Viktor_Csap_8_Small_Flat2_Photo_by_Peter_Szekely Viktor_Csap_9_Creative_Studio_Photo_by_Csaba_Barbay Viktor_Csap_10_Creative_Studio_Photo_by_Csaba_Barbay Viktor_Csap_11_Creative_Studio_Photo_by_Csaba_Barbay Viktor_Csap_12


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