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Kinga Rajzak: Charming And Talented


Kinga Rajzak, Hungarian model was born in Slovakia in 1987 and was not particularly into fashion nor dreaming about a life being a fashion model. She was scouted at a young age in front of a cinema while she waited for her friends. Kinga started modeling basically for fun and ‘just to see …’ on her mother’s advice after talking to the scout.

Cosmo Girl shooting was her very first international job and she was fascinated by the experience. Fueled by her success Kinga moved to New York shortly after and has been in business since  – being sought after by major brands for fashion ads, magazine covers and editorials. During recent Haute Couture S/S 2013 shows in Paris, Kinga walked runways for Dior Couture, Chanel Haute Couture and Giambattista Valli Couture.

Her nature and personal style are balanced and uncomplicated, Kinga is not in for too much femininity nor masculinity, but prefers a mix of both wardrobes. She has a strong and determined personality that is obviously necessary to succeed in this tough business and not letting stress in & around fashion shows to get too close. She also likes to go against the trend and a few years ago colored her hair black, despite everybody’s warning black being to ‘visible’ and ‘harsh’. However, it worked out for her very well, as many of the models had blond or ‘blondish’ hair back then.

In the embedded interview below for Vogue Italy (February 2012) among many things Kinga talks about her favorite food, what she likes to eat and drink – as too skinny models are obviously an issue within fashion circles. I guess Kinga was blessed with excellent genes, but she also seems to take care of her body very well. Some of us learn quickly, some of us burn calories quickly and some of us can do both quickly. She definitely belongs to the last group . . . :)

Kinga is an eloquent beauty, who understands her role in the business and aims to do a perfect job every time – not only with her look but with a right mindset, too. She has worked her way up step-by-step and knows exactly that one can be in today and out tomorrow, unless one has a good personality and professional attitude to offer, other than just a nice silhouette.

For more information please visit Fashion Model Directory.

Source of images: courtesy of Fashion Model Directory.

Kinga_Rajzak_2_Vogue_Russia_Feb2013 Kinga_Rajzak_3_Vogue_Spain_Jan2013

Kinga_Rajzak_4_W_Magazine_Oct2012 Kinga_Rajzak_5 Kinga_Rajzak_6 Kinga_Rajzak_7 Kinga_Rajzak_8


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