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Lampyon Makes Brands Attractive


Until now I have mostly covered brands and companies with high visibility to consumers. But in case some of you would get inspired by the featured success stories and you might be thinking about starting your own business, I would like to give you a sneak peek about the actors behind the scenes. In the future I will also introduce businesses (B2B), whose contribution is essential to succeed in the B2C (business-to-consumer) segment. I am very happy to start with a company, whose services I was able to experience first hand in the past and I was very satisfied with their support: Lampyon Hungary Ltd.

Lampyon is a full service boutique agency based in Budapest, specialized in the fields of graphic design and custom-made web applications. The company was officially founded in 2010, however its management and employees have been successfully working together for several years on different projects. Lampyon is headed by Istvan Toth, CEO and Marcell Poka, Art Director. Istvan has been active in the web development business for about 14 years, whereas Marcell’s experience in the graphic design and creative field started in 2000 – both of them with a considerable record of national and international projects and of excellent team building skills.

Lampyon’s wide range of graphic design services include corporate and brand identity development, graphic illustrations, print magazine designs, interactive 3D renderings, online educational & training solutions, dynamic banners and mobile applications – just to name a few. The company takes pride in focusing on design and development of custom-tailored web presence based on client briefings and avoids using regular templates ensuring that each of the deliverables is one-of-a-kind and unique. Lampyon is a pioneer in offering the latest state-of-the-art solutions to its clients in regard to design as well as technical execution.

The company’s approach has already been appreciated by a worldwide audience: sites designed and developed by Lampyon have been awarded by leading web design evaluation panels and prestigious blogs. Lately, Lampyon was honored with a silver Effie, for its outstanding contribution in developing an interactive banner for the Hungarian commercial bank network, OTP (Orszàgos Takarékpénztàr), which was regarded as a first-mover application on the market, thus attracting high, above average visitor traffic to the client’s website.

Most important company values that Lampyon lives by are its flexibility, reliability and exceptional ‘can-do’ attitude. From my own experience with Lampyon I can state that they have never confronted me with a negative answer. Either Lampyon has a solution ready for its clients on the spot or the worst answer one can get is: “We do not have an answer right now, but we will find out for you soon.” This is very accommodating, when under pressure to deliver and meet deadlines.

Besides its top-notch customer service, highly creative designs and excellent programming skills, Lampyon’s competitive edge also lays in its ‘great value-for-money’ approach. Lampyon is a privately owned boutique agency and it operates in the same league as other well-known international creative agencies, but without international overhead costs. At Lampyon, owners are also those who deliver projects and are in direct touch with clients. Employees and owners at Lampyon truly enjoy what they do and they do it with pride. I think this is extremely important in today’s world.

Also, a huge ‘Thank You’ to Lampyon for developing a new, beautiful logo for Hungarian Success Stories! :)

For more information please have a look at Lampyon’s company presentation on Prezi. Alternatively, you are invited to visit Lampyon’s website or Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Lampyon kindly offered to cooperate with ‘Hungarian Success Stories’ and designed a new logo for us, therefore it is considered as a sponsor of this site. However, opinion expressed in this article is completely mine based on my personal experience working with Lampyon on projects in the past.

Source of images: courtesy of Lampyon.

Lampyon_2_Corporate_Identity Lampyon_3_Corporate_Identity Lampyon_4_Corporate_Identity Lampyon_5_Corporate_Identiy Lampyon_6_Print_Design Lampyon_7_Packaging_Design Lampyon_8_Packaging_Design Lampyon_9_FB_App Lampyon_10_Mobile Lampyon_11_Mobile Lampyon_12_Mobile Lampyon_13_Online_Shop


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