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Handcrafted Tile Stoves


Fire is deeply rooted in our human history across the globe and fireplaces have always played an important role in our lives. From the 15th century onward it was very usual to have some sort of fireplaces in homes, especially in areas where it was cold during autumn and winter. With the evolution of available technologies, traditional tile stoves have been replaced by other solutions. But as with many things, we usually return to old traditions and so fireplaces have been enjoying their revivals for quite a while now.

Akos Kaszap and Andras Cserepes – founders and owners at Kácsa Kerámia Műhely (in English: Kácsa Ceramics Manufactory) – have started their careers as potters. The two long-time friends crafted pots and other type of everyday accessories made out of clay by hand, and sold their products at fairs. Shortly after starting their pottery business, they had the idea of creating handmade tiles and at the same time they learnt the trade secrets of making stoves. In their manufactory – established in 1998 – Akos and Andras design & make high quality tiles by hand and build unique tile stoves based on customer specification.

Although tiles made in the manufactory follow traditional methods and techniques, designs are computer generated and if desired, renderings can be arranged for, too, what clients are accustomed to nowadays. Inner parts of the stoves are manufactured with the latest available technology, while taking maximization of heat efficiency and minimization of harmful, toxic particle emission into account.

Akos and Andras always enjoy when interested guests visit them in their manufactory that is currently located in Pécel (very near to Budapest). However, the atelier is now moving to the wonderful town of Szentendre, about 20km to the north of Budapest at the Danube Bend. Szentendre is a very popular destination for sightseeing, enjoying local art galleries as well as it is home to many craftsman and -women. At Kácsa Ceramics Manufactory guests and potential customers can have a look how tiles are made, as every tile is made based on clients’ specification. If desired, even every tile of the stove can be customized differently – in terms of shape, design, pattern and color.

Depending on the level of customization, manufacturing process can take up to 2-3 months. As every stove that leaves the atelier is already set up, commissioning of the stove in client’s homes takes approximately one day. Kácsa Ceramics Manufactory takes orders from locals as well as from abroad. Akos and Andras constantly stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to be able to satisfy clients’ need as well as to be fully compliant with national and international regulations.

Handmade tile stoves by Kácsa Ceramics Manufactory are meant for clients, who like to be involved into the entire creation process – from the very first draft to the actual making and completion. As a tile stove will always be the center of any kind of home, it should fit to the family’s style and preferences, so that it can become a special place for the entire family.

For further information please visit Kácsa Ceramics Manufactory website.

Source of images: courtesy of Kácsa Ceramics Manufactory.

Kácsa_Atelier_2 Kácsa_Atelier_3 Kácsa_Atelier_4 Kácsa_Atelier_5 Kácsa_Atelier_6 Kácsa_Atelier_7 Kácsa_Atelier_8 Kácsa_Atelier_9 Kácsa_Atelier_10 Kácsa_Atelier_11


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      That’s a great question . . . and I’ll be honest with you: I don’t know. However, you might wanna contact the manufactory, I’m sure they would be able to help you with expert advise. Their email address is: or visit their website:
      Wish you good luck with your self-created Hungarian stove! Let us know how it turned our when it’s ready.

      All the best and thanks for visiting our website. Best regards, Monika.

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