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Fresh Summer Breeze By Dori Tomcsanyi


January and February is never really my favorite time of the year and so it is a double-joy to look at Dori Tomcsanyi’s Spring & Summer 2013 collection, especially because it feels like a long awaited fresh summer breeze. Styles have minimalist cuts and they look comfortable but feminine at the same time. Airy pieces and wonderful pastel colors in total harmony  – just about perfect for a warm day in the city or at the beach.

Before graduating from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Dori Tomcsanyi also spent some time in Paris and studied at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré. This was a forming and inspiring experience for her and after returning to Budapest, Dori founded her own brand in 2010. She likes experimenting with color tones, while focusing on styles that are casual enough for everyday wear, but also unique and unmistakably ‘Dori Tomcsányi’. The brand stands for high quality streetwear using natural fabrics and it targets a young audience between 20-35 years. Dori is definitely a very talented fashion designer to watch out for.

For the Spring & Summer 2013 collection Dori was inspired by her pleasant childhood memories, when things happened spontaneously – without tight schedules. The feeling of freedom and being able to decide on the spot, what was the next thing she was going to do with her friends, is reflected in her current collection of silky pieces that take up different shapes and silhouettes with every step. Patterns on the dresses are painted by Dori herself that remind her of times, when she painted her grandmother’s next favorite water color collage. Spring & Summer 2013 collection shows some skin here & there, but not too much – some styles come with an ‘oversized’ look, whereas some other pieces have a tighter but comfortable fit: but always legere and carefree.

Beside promoting her own collection, Dori has teamed up with Bálint Sikó web designer, and together they opened The Garden Studiothat is a showroom, playground and creative hub for other designers, too. The Garden Studio does not have strict rules, who is admitted and what direction it focuses on, it is rather an inclusive and interesting mix of different complementary brands and designers, such as Sara Kele and Julia Kaldy, just to name a couple. Last but not least, The Garden Studio is also an online store and a joint distribution channel of a group of designers.

It is the youthfulness and playfulness that I personally like the most in Dori Tomcsanyi’s current and previous collections – and the unique matching of colors that appears harmonious as well as exciting. And now . . .  spring cannot come soon enough!

For more information please visit Dori Tomcsányi’s website or her Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Dori Tomcsanyi. Photos by Gergő Gönczöl | Flashback Photo Studio.

Dori_Tomcsanyi_2_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_3_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_4_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_5_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_6_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_7_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_8_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_9_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_10_SS13 Dori_Tomcsanyi_11


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