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Dare To Dream Big And To Be Successful


Klaudia Kovacs’ story and career path is a perfect and inspiring example of what one can achieve in life, even in case of many unfortunate events. Klaudia was born and raised in Hungary and she is the daughter of Éva Erdélyi, Hungarian olympic swimmer from Eger. Due to a gas explosion, Klaudia lost her mother early and was raised by her elderly grandmother until she passed away. Between the age of 14 and 16 Klaudia lived at several foster families and with 16 she started to take control of her own life, making the best and most out of it despite the tragic circumstances.

During the early days of her childhood, Klaudia was attracted to acting and played in the Harlekin Children’s Theater in Budapest. As later on she was not accepted to the University of Theater and Film Arts in Hungary, she started studying Pedagogy at Eötvös Loránd University’s Teacher’s College, in Budapest. But her dreams should not remain dreams, especially because she experienced at an early age, how life can be over with sooner than one thinks. Klaudia did not want to settle for a ‘second best solution’ and decided to go to Hollywood, California to pursue her dreams. After a while she started taking acting classes with the Oscar-nominated Lynn Redgrave and began working regularly in theater, film, and television – both in Hollywood and New York.

Klaudia wrote, directed, and produced numerous award winning documentaries and films, among them the Torn From The Flag (A lyukas zászló) (2007). The film is about the international decline of communism and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight. According to several film critics and historians, Torn From The Flag is the best documentary ever made about this topic. Klaudia wanted to show the 1956 revolution in the light of what impact the Hungarian Freedom Fight had on world politics and how it was the first catalyst for the future decline of communist era – as Klaudia explains it in a telephone interview (available in Hungarian). The multiple award-winning film, that Klaudia and her team worked on for about nine years, has been invited to 20+ festivals and it also participated at the 2009 Oscar competition in the “Best Documentary” category.

Beside her successful career path in the film and theater industry, Klaudia is an inspirational public speaker, has a radio show, is a book writer, columnist and Hollywood correspondent as well as the founder and owner of ‘My Success Consultant‘, a business that offers business consulting services & life coaching to companies of all sizes and private persons. I feel very fortunate for having been able to make a short interview with Klaudia about her ‘My Success Consultant’ business:

Hungarian Success Stories (HSS): Could you please tell a little bit about how you ended up in the US after your studies and what did you do for a living?

Klaudia Kovacs (KK): I found an opportunity with an organization called Camp of America, that allowed me to travel to the US in exchange of work in a summer camp and than I accepted a house-sitting opportunity in Los Angeles, where I started to establish my life. Later on I got a job as a babysitter first and I worked for very little money and very long hours.

HSS: After moving to the US, did you find your way around easily, or did it take some time to get used to your new environment?

KK: Given that I did not speak much English, it took me a while to learn the language in a way that I sounded competent and intelligent. Once I got it out of the way, I needed to learn “cultural communication” which is very different than the Hungarian view of life.

HSS: Now you own an in-demand coaching & consulting company. What was the turning point in your life that gave you the idea to start your own business in this specific area?

KK: After years of hard work and minimum-wage jobs, I had a near fatal car crash that left me temporarily disabled, without a job and homeless. Hitting rock bottom I decided to re-invent myself and transform my experience of life from “what happens to me” to “what I make happen”. I researched various business, marketing, PR and life-coaching philosophies and started to develop my unique and effective technology of success. During my rise to success, companies and individuals from different backgrounds have turned to me for business advice and each time, my consulting has resulted in great success, financial and business breakthroughs.

HSS: What kind of services do you offer?

KK: Everything that has to do with business and personal success I offer as a service for all levels of companies, professionals, and artists. The most important thing to know about my work is that I am very result-oriented, and with my clients we aim to produce effective results in a short amount of time. The range of my services entail increasing revenue & clientele; elaboration of marketing & PR strategies; website, media, internet & social media presence; fundraising & crowd funding; organization & time management, and personalized empowerment & career/resume building.

HSS: Do your sessions take place in person or do you offer your services remote, too, like via Skype, telephone, etc.?

KK: Most clients choose telephone and Skype voice sessions. Personal or Skype video session are also available at a higher hourly rate. So distance is not an issue. I have clients in London, Budapest, Nyiregyhaza, Dubai, Barcelona, Melbourne, and so on.

HSS: I think coaching people particularly in private matters requires a lot of empathy and intuition. Do you have a routine that puts you into the right mindset for your sessions and helps you to get ‘on the same page’ with your clients?

KK: I have a personal, spiritual, exercise ritual that I do every morning, that creates the ideal state of being for my mind, body, and soul, so I can provide top quality service to my clients. Diet is also very important, but eating well, for me, is no longer a ritual but a habit.

HSS: What do you love the most about your job and what do you consider as your greatest achievement(s) during your career path?

KK: The best moment in my job is always when a client tells me that the results are way beyond their expectation. As to the achievements, my 26 awards express the quality that I am committed to and that is a nice feedback from the world. However, no matter how nice those words are, I feel, the greatest achievement is that I am a good human being, who is able to empower others to be their best in business and in the arts.

HSS: What inspires you and what gets your adrenaline going?

KK: Kind people inspire me as well as people who had to overcome extreme difficulties to not just stay alive, but to go beyond what they thought was possible. Also, possibilities inspire me. We all have so much to give and to see people’s qualities surface and then fully blossom in each human being is beautiful.

HSS: What else do you do beside your business? 

KK: I make films. I do promotional videos for my clients, but I make documentaries and films for myself. I also act in the theater once in a while.

HSS: How do you unwind and relax?

KK: I spend a lot of time in nature and I also read a lot. I also love getting massages and attend theater shows often, and I am a huge Cirque du Soleil fan.

HSS: Do you still have dreams, visions or big plans that you would like to achieve?

KK: I still have big, big plans! Though I have a little bit of a problem, because my ambitions require me to live for at least 300 years. I have to work on that!

. . . and there is absolutely no doubt that Klaudia will master her future plans and will have them accomplished successfully. Her clientele is very wide spread – not only geographically, but also in terms of profession, age, career level, etc. Finding the right business consultant, life coach, or mentor is key, and persons we usually learn the most from and whose advice we accept, are those who have already been in tough situations, turned things around and succeeded. Klaudia’s path, passion, perseverance and determination is very inspiring, and her example should be an everyday reminder to all of us at any point in life. “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse“.

For more information about My Success Consultant please visit Klaudia Kovacs’ website or her Facebook page. Furthermore, to find out more about Torn From The Flag documentary please visit the website of the film or for updates the Facebook page.

Source of images: Klaudia Kovacs’ courtesy.


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