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The Type Addict – Aron Jancso


Fortunately, typeface designs get more & more recognition in personal and corporate branding these days and graphics with unique typefaces on posters, on T-Shirts, in logos, etc. are a must to stick out from the pack. Therefore – regardless of the type of the business – it is always good to have a couple of names in the back of our heads, who will surely deliver amazing results that a business can turn into cash. Just like having an excellent beautician and a hairdresser, a good graphic designer is essential nowadays.

One of the most successful Hungarian graphic designers of current times is Aron Jancso. He found his passion during his studies in Product Design at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and went on to learn the trade secrets of a typeface designer at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design. Although still at university, Aron gained significant international reputation and he was able to turn it into mandates.

“I’m a type addict. Building from scratch is how I like to work, sometimes even designing every single letter of a poster. I prefer shapes and sctructures instead of effects” – says Aron, whose work is truly inspirational, it forces the viewer to stop for a second (or two…) and marvel at his creations. His work is minimalist yet distinct and although his designs are silent on paper, they do stand out and catch one’s attention. In designer slang Aron’s work can be described with two words: Epic & Sick!

His style is a cross between modernism, street culture and calligraphy and he also draws inspiration from other cultures. Beside commercial mandates, it is of importance to Aron to find time and space for experiments and just let his creativity flow without limitation. Aron is a ‘letter whisperer’: early on he realized that “some words have good rhythm and others don’t” and with his skills he helps letters and words to be able to dance in an orchestrated and harmonious manner.

Aron has designed some commercially marketed typefaces such as Dubwise, Ogaki, Qalto and Sensaway that are available at Gestalten Fonts offering a versatile selection of cutting-edge fonts created by designers and typographers for designers. Beside designing typefaces, Aron is also engaged with creating posters, exclusive T-Shirt graphic designs, corporate and personal identity designs – just to mention a few areas. Aron is based in Budapest, is a passionate city biker and would be a bit happier without big city traffic jams, but … who can really blame him for that. :)

What a brilliant and talented young artist, who found his passion early enough, became the master of calligraphy and now he is able to combine his work & hobby. However, Aron does not rest for a second, as he is always seeking for new ways of creation – starting from square one each time.

For more information please visit Aron Jancso’s website or Facebook page. His portfolio can also be found on Behance as well as on Flickr aka Mil3n.

Source of images: Aron Jancso’s courtesy.

Aron_Jancso_2_Roman_Capitals Aron_Jancso_3_g_lowercase Aron_Jancso_4_Book_Cover Aron_Jancso_5_Blend_Experiment Aron_Jancso_6_Poster Aron_Jancso_7_Rendering Aron_Jancso_8_Logo_Design Aron_Jancso_9_Business_Card


2 thoughts on “The Type Addict – Aron Jancso

  1. I am impressed not only by the quality of Jancso’s work, but also by its diversity. I particularly like the cycling poster.

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