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Power Of Cardboard And Design


Nowadays we all try to find ways to be more respectful towards our environment and there are indeed a lot of local and governmental initiatives as well as more & more established Hungarian businesses are dedicated to offering eco-friendly solutions. For a longer while ‘green’ products of any kind were rather functional and at the beginning there was a lot of space for improvement concerning their appearance and design. But who would have thought that one could perform magic with recycled cardboards, reuse them, create real furniture pieces, and connect design with functionality and a good conscious?

It was János Terbe’s personal quest to find new ways and business opportunities where he can unite his passion for design and sustainable materials. After being a boat designer for many years, János founded Terbe Design Company in 2000 and has been designing furniture made of recycled cardboard ever since. It all started when he was looking for something that he did not find in regular stores, so he created it – it was about a picture frame to match a picture János wanted to give to a friend as a gift. He made the picture frame out of cardboard. One idea led to the other and the question was in the air – why not creating home accessories made of cardboard and later the Terbe Design Company successfully entered the furniture business.

Under the brand name Karton Design, Terbe Design Company offers a variety of products suitable to furnish entire homes (with the exception of bathtubs of course . . .), offices, event locations, show rooms, retail stores, fair and exhibition booths – just to name a few. In terms of product categories, Karton Design has a wide range of chairs, couches, love-seats, wardrobes, cupboards, tables, shelves, lamps and even beds – all of them made of recycled cardboard that lasts long and is customizable in terms of color, size, shape and pattern. Some of them come assembled, while others require a couple of minutes of self-assembly, however this without nails, hammer and other tools, but by simply folding them.

János Terbe is always looking for new innovations. Last year Terbe Design Company developed a worldwide patented new product range – Karton Flex – that is perfectly suitable as a wall cover or to decorate reception areas and the sides of furniture, too. Karton Flex is made of multi-layered, corrugated cardboard where sliced cardboard stripes are glued together and the final product is flexible enough to cover flat or bent surfaces besides being able to bear some load, too. Terbe Design Company was invited to furnish and decorate the ‘Eco-Corner‘ at British-American Tobacco Offices in Hungary showing the warmth and natural look & feel that Karton Flex gives to a given space.

The other advantages of multiple award winning furnitures and accessories by Karton Design are that they can be repainted over and over again as well as its price positioning being extremely competitive compared to other types of furniture. Obviously, furniture made of cardboard is very sensitive to fluidity, however Karton Design offers the option of impregnating those areas that are exposed to possible fluidity intrusion.

Furniture and home accessories in patented designs by Karton Design are great for furnishing and decorating interior spaces or – as we can see it on the below pictures – even outdoor areas. Their natural looks, lightness and nicely designed shapes will create a friendly atmosphere in various living spaces. We will probably think of cardboards a bit differently, after seeing what is actually possible nowadays. … and no, chairs, couches, tables and shelves will not collapse, they hold strong and steady for years.

For more information, please visit the Karton Design website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Karton Design as well as Kinga Böjtös.

Kartondesign_2 Kartondesign_3 Kartondesign_4 Kartondesign_5 Kartondesign_6 Kartondesign_7 Kartondesign_8 Kartondesign_9 Kartondesign_10_Karton_Flex Kartondesign_11_Photo_by_Kinga_Bojtos Kartondesign_12_Janos_Terbe_Designer_Photo_by_Kinga_Bojtos Kartondesign_13_Janos_Terbe_Designer_Photo_by_Kinga_Bojtos


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