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The Fascinating World Of Logartis

Logartis_1_SummerA short while ago I came across the homepage of Logartis and I have to admit that I was hypnotized, fascinated, excited, and totally speechless at the same time. I spent hours in front of this website and will probably go back for (much) more, because it is so peaceful and simply amazing. Its imagery is breathtaking, it is very subtile, unique and relaxing. A wonderful interactive site that attracts loads of visitors who stay glued to the screen and read the incoming messages.

Gergely Gizella from Hungary is behind Logartis, an extermely talented interactive graphic designer in his early 20s. Gergely was as young as 10 years old, when he started playing around with programming and he was 15 when he was first commissioned by a small design studio from the US. What an excellent start and recognition for a young artist! Driven by his passion for creating full visual experiences from design to programming, today Gergely is a sought after professional and he mostly works for web studios in the US as well as he is available for freelance jobs. Depending on the nature of the project he also composes the music for his creations, however he considers making music as one of his hobbies.

While Gergely’s main area of work is in the digital art, print, animation, 3D, and flash programming, he also likes to return to traditional creative fields such as painting, drawing and carving. Gergely is truly a humble creative person, who knows exactly that this field is developing at the speed of light and he is always open to learn new ways of doing things, to cross the line and to stretch boundaries. He enjoys the process of creativity very much and this is what he has been doing successfully for years. Although Gergely is well respected in the industry, it is his very own enthusiasm that drives him to the next levels, also supported by all the amazing feedbacks he receives from fans and professionals likewise.

Despite Gergely’s very young age, he already has a few prestigious clients on his reference list. E.g. he worked jointly with the team at Trigger on creating the official website of In The Land Of Blood And Honey written and directed by Angelina Jolie; he was entrusted with the creation of animated, 3D intro video for as well as he created the animation and soundtrack in World of Weboholics, for the UK web solution provider and social media company GoUp, which you can see on the bottom of the slide show.

To showcase Gergely’s portfolio, I mostly chose his digital art works, because these really left me speechless, although the selection of his works in other areas shown on his superb website is very wide and impressive. Please, go ahead and have a look at his homepage – I promise you will not be disappointed. You will need a good computer or tablet though to enjoy his full flash creations.

Here along goes to Gergely Gizella’s website (make sure to switch on your speakers) and here to his Facebook page. However, some of his works you can also enjoy on deviantArt – especially his GIFs.

Source of images: courtesy of Logartis and Gergely Gizella.

Logartis_2A_Monastry_workflow Logartis_2B_Monastry Logartis_3_Twisted_House Logartis_4_Downtown Logartis_5A_Mr_Wellington_workflow Logartis_5B_Mr_Wellington Logartis_6B_Home_In_The_Forest Logartis_7B_After_The_Rain Logartis_8A_Countryside_workflow Logartis_8B_Countryside Logartis_9_Sherlock_Holmes Logartis_10_Hobbit_House


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