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Incredible Conceptual Photography


Noell S. Oszvald’s photography is truly mesmerizing, uniquely thought-provoking and very emotional. Her portfolio consists of black & white photos as Noell would like to avoid every distraction from her images and her way of capturing and visualizing an idea or a concept tells tons of stories. Thoughts triggered in the viewer’s mind reflect his or her current state of mind: sometimes it is sadness and loneliness, sometimes it is fear, other times it is peace of mind and security – but in a quiet and pure (or sometimes haunting manner) all of them convey the overall message: how fragile life is. At least this is my own interpretation, and please feel free to develop your own personal connection with Noell’s art pieces.

Noell S. Oszvald – Hungarian photo artist in her early 20s – made her debut only about a year ago. Her images are self-portraits and her field is conceptual photography. Noell’s way of communication fits perfectly to the elegantly fragile world of her images as we will probably never find any explanation from her – the most might be a title, if at all. Noell leaves us viewers enough space to develop our own story enabling a special bond between the artist and the viewer, even we do not know each other personally.

“Earlier I used to draw a lot, but I always had the feeling that I am not particularly talented in this field and I was never able to express myself completely on paper. After a while I felt more & more attracted to photography, film, and digital painting and I saw an opportunity here to create and implement my ideas in a visual way” – says the talented artist, whose humbleness and respect toward her own work and genre, as well as to her environment  is incredible.

Inspiration and development of concepts is obviously one of the key elements during Noell’s creation process. “I very much love to read and watch movies, and I can draw significant inspiration from both sources, however the most important for me are my personal impressions and experience combined with ideas that come while listening to music.” Despite of her young age, Noell’s portfolio is already extremely powerful and stunning, and yes, it leaves the viewer staring and thinking for hours, while developing emotions.

To view Noell S. Oszvald’s full portfolio please visit her artwork on Flickr or on Carbonmade, and some of her work can also be purchased on Society6. To stay up-to-date about Noell’s path, you are invited to join her Facebook page.

Source of images: Noell S. Oszvald’s courtesy.

. . . and now please open your mind and take your time to immerse in a selection of Noell’s art pieces:

Noell_Oszvald_2_Cage Noell_Oszvald_3_The_Good_the_Bad_and_the_Lost Noell_Oszvald_4_Reachless Noell_Oszvald_5_Caught Noell_Oszvald_6_Silence Noell_Oszvald_7_Nightmare Noell_Oszvald_8_Prisoner_of_my_Soul Noell_Oszvald_9_Escape_from_Reality Noell_Oszvald_10_Soul_Sisters Noell_Oszvald_11_Pretending


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